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Willy Wanka | 11/07 |  | 

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I know who this is :D

Emily  | 12/07  |  01:17 AM

I’d hit it, nice and smooth too

Ash  | 12/07  |  01:51 AM

Beautiful, her last picture is the best, well ok it is as far as not seeing anything. She has a playful side too…perfect small boobs

SKY-PILOT  | 12/07  |  09:23 PM

Ok emily… tell me who it is!

PJ  | 13/07  |  12:18 AM

She’s called Chelsea Leigh from England

Her Facebook is

Emily  | 13/07  |  01:22 AM

Thta last pic must be from the “morning after” since she looks like she was rode rough and put away wet the night before!

Dickhead  | 13/07  |  07:05 AM

You can just tell with these sorts of girls that they are proper gagging for it 24/7. Bet she loves it in the ass

Mark  | 13/07  |  08:50 AM

Great find Emily! grin

Have you let her know that she is on here? If not I might have to help out a damsel who doesn’t know she is in distress.

Bello  | 13/07  |  01:06 PM

Gagging for it ay??.. Well just to let you know GUYS, I’M GAY and these pics are not for your eyes!!
Thanks for the comments though.. take a good look coz they’ll be gone soon

Thank you Bello.. Distressed no more smile

Chelsea Leigh  | 13/07  |  02:33 PM

HAHAHA hilarious! I bet the pics will be gone by tomorrow!

rvp  | 13/07  |  03:45 PM

Darlin’ you are way too beautiful to be playing for the other team.

Rustic  | 13/07  |  06:17 PM

Darlin’ you are way too beautiful to be only playing for the other team.

Rustic  | 13/07  |  06:19 PM

Gay.. nah
Bisexual… more than likely
She’s only saying that to try and make us lose interest smile

Tom  | 13/07  |  11:39 PM

They might get removed, but the save button is our friend smile

Tom  | 13/07  |  11:41 PM

Oh, she put pics on the *private internet*. Remove them immediately, white knights!

Bob  | 14/07  |  04:07 PM

what-ever. if she’s gay, what-ever, nobody cares, nobody gives a crap about her ass on this site. we’re looking for tits and ass not love. dream on or wake the fuck up.
oh and yeah, more bimbos like this please, nuf with the mature hookers, etc.

andi  | 14/07  |  10:04 PM

hey Chelsea! can you post some more up? You’re really cute :D

pete  | 15/07  |  04:34 PM

and the hottest part is you check this site :D Chelsea - more pics!!!!! Two load fulls is not enough haha

pete  | 17/07  |  01:10 PM

yes!! Chelsea you’re still here! WooHoo!

pete  | 24/07  |  08:31 AM
nino  | 07/08  |  06:35 AM

She should try pornstar if she can’t make it as a model!

Xcream  | 10/08  |  02:31 AM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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