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Cheerleader Becca Manns Gone Bad

"Becca Manns is an all American “apple pie” eating cheerleader at the U of L University of Louisville. Here is the story that is rocking the entire MTV, MySpace and blogosphere generation. Her name has reached the number one search term at Google for a day when the story broke and continues to break the top ten. There are many versions of this story but they all show Becca totally naked and having sex with her boyfriend. The first story is that Becca’s cellphone memory stick got stolen and whoever discovered the photos uploaded them to the Internet. The other story is that her ex-boyfriend took the photos and uploaded them to the Internet in an act of revenge. The result of these photos getting out on the Internet created such as stir at the U of L that Becca got kicked off the cheerleader squad and kicked out of the university. Becca also had a MySpace account but it got deleted. Her parents are suing the University of Louisville to get her re-enrolled again, they maintain the photos were private. An either case, the people who discovered and saw the photos probably jerked off to them, like the athletic director Tom Jurich and maybe their coach Todd Sharp. Todd Sharp should follow some of his own advice, “My feeling is that there’s so much more to them than the physical side,” Sharp said. “For one thing, they’re athletes.” Becca should not have been kicked out of the cheerleader squad or the university for personal photos that got out into the public realm. The rumors are that Becca Manns is in hiding and had a total make over. Hopefully, she will come out and not be ashamed of what she does in private."


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Steve Stiffbone | 06/01 |  | 

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Becca is such a beautiful girl i really would like to get to know her

Evan Moser  | 23/10  |  08:25 PM

Yeah i would hit it but Becca is the type of girl i could just sit and stare into her eyes 24/7

Evan Moser  | 23/10  |  08:28 PM

hell ya id hit i mean look at her shes amazing and shouldn’t of got kicked off i mean we only live once so fu#$ it

me  | 01/12  |  04:53 AM


Licker  | 01/12  |  10:34 AM

I want to fuck those meat flaps

qweqw  | 17/12  |  08:09 AM

I TELL YA WHAT I WOULD DO:give her a bigger cock than whoever was in that pix with her could!

Anonymous  | 01/04  |  08:50 AM

I TELL YA WHAT I WOULD DO:give her a bigger surprise, than whoever was in that picture with her could!

Anonymous  | 01/04  |  08:53 AM

I TELL YOU WHAT I COULD DO:give her a Bigger SURPRISE than whoever was in that picture with her could!

playboi10  | 01/04  |  08:57 AM

I TELL YOU WHAT I COULD DO:give her a bigger SURPRISE than whoever was in that picture could!

Shawnee Rivers  | 01/04  |  09:02 AM

18 and that sweet…you betcha

david  | 16/04  |  02:41 AM

Yeah, I’d hit it, but damn her hole is kinda tore up for her age. Guess she’s been around…

tim  | 16/04  |  07:01 PM

What’s that finger doing in there?  Whose finger is it?

It’s like a co.k only smaller

Can't stop laughing  | 27/05  |  01:29 AM

hell yea id hit she’s fuckin BEAUTIFUL

aj  | 27/11  |  09:06 AM

Hit it?  Id crawl up in it and never return

Beavereater  | 29/12  |  05:10 PM

I would take those meat flaps, make a vagina sandwich, and grub…

Big House Members  | 30/01  |  02:31 AM

I just shot my load all over the fuckin place

BC  | 09/03  |  04:52 PM

That little heart is the perfect target upon which I would bust my nutz like I was king kong! Holy FUCK Yah I would hit that! I’d knaw on those flappers like a starving man… Damn! She needs a spread in hustler!

Nutbuzzter89  | 15/03  |  04:27 AM

Hit that? Uhhh….DUH! Id munch on those flappers like I hadn’t eaten in a month, Then Id pound that SHIT like my ass was on fire…Then bust my nutz on that little heart, cuz that just says “cull here” to me!

Nutbuzzter89  | 15/03  |  04:33 AM

A young, blonde teen doing porn… shocking.

Anon  | 25/03  |  07:22 PM

I would fuck her ex up If I were any relation to her ,that was just wrong to fuck her life up like that all because he is still a fucking baby ,that only shows he still a child ,Sorry for her ,

Big Boy says  | 25/03  |  09:45 PM

You dont just hit that you treat that like the woman she is she deserves that after the jerk yanked her LIFE around she and it are so HOT give an old man a chance

Jerry  | 30/03  |  10:59 PM

With an open pussy policy I think that she’s okay & if she sucks cock like that dildo then she’s a keeper grin

Jackson D  | 08/04  |  04:44 AM

omg hell yeah and im from the ville so where is she

scott  | 19/05  |  11:44 PM

Oh yeah would love to be balls deep in sweet little Becca

Rob  | 23/07  |  12:33 AM

She doesn’t need to be a cheerleader or even to stay in college, ...she has a much better future in PORN!!

Dickhead  | 18/08  |  06:41 PM

How many babies has she had?

sorearm  | 04/09  |  10:19 AM

Cute little pug.  I’d fuck her all the way into next week!

Donutman  | 07/09  |  07:42 PM

Id suck her asshole till she shit on my face !

Big Balls Bret  | 16/10  |  02:02 AM

jailbait material right there!

bigdude  | 09/01  |  03:12 PM

becca should have been allowed to be herself…too bad for us

amber jule  | 31/01  |  05:20 AM

I would like a chance to get her pregnant! I know one thing I’d give her all my sperms!

Old Goat  | 28/03  |  01:27 PM
oaklayfkok  | 07/05  |  08:08 AM

1097 Test, just a testddd

tangle  | 10/05  |  06:19 AM

Yes, she’s cute, but her facial features tell a different story.  Within 8 years, she’ll be one ugly cunt.  She will not age well, so I hope she does all the porn and suck all the cock she can now before she gets ugly.

Trust me, I know women, and I can spot the ones who will age into beauties, and the ones who will become dogs.

Becca will be a two bagger soon.

But I’d love to eat her cunt and ass right now!

CuntSucker  | 14/05  |  09:10 PM

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