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MILF: Atria 45

45 and still going stong!


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King Cum | 17/08 |  | 

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and never touched a razor in all those years. yech!

u2sparky  | 19/08  |  12:15 PM

met een krant over de kop wel te doen. net Sacha de Boer.

Thomas Slayer  | 19/08  |  12:38 PM

say what you will about the bush, but she’s got a nice ass and tits for 45! After a little shave I’d do her.

mrdiesel  | 19/08  |  01:01 PM

nice tits? Are you crazy, if she acrched anymore back she would be a right angle. She’s arched to keep them appear they hang well. And the stomach of this woman is gross. I hate old lady tummy. She needs to do crunches but afraid she is going to die of a grabber. That means heart attack to you non 1%-ters

davey  | 19/08  |  01:26 PM

She’s going stong? What is stong? If I want to watch a freak show, I go to Ogrish, not here!

wanker001  | 19/08  |  03:05 PM

MY GOD!!! Shave that bush woman!! I’d hit it if it wasn’t for that!

Great One  | 19/08  |  05:06 PM

Sort that fcuking hairy mott out.

Matt  | 19/08  |  07:34 PM

I would do her totally. Classy woman, you guys forget that pictures very often not really cath how nice one looks. I look always like shit on pics, at least very often. I would not even ask her to shave that pussy, it has something, something natural and imho hot.

Fritz von Bismarck  | 19/08  |  09:46 PM

What the fuck, didn’t i saw her in that movie. Let me think. Damn. Yes, got it. Planet of the apes!

vlamousse  | 20/08  |  01:05 AM

Yuck it up kids.  Someday you’ll be an old fart like me and you’ll WISH you could hit that.  What nobody tells you is that unless you’re wealthy you turn invisible to hot young girls when you turn 35.

BFWB  | 20/08  |  04:00 AM

Sod it, I would tap it. Could do with ten minutes with a hedge trimmer but she’s not that bad! Would go like a Tokyo bullet train I bet!

Aragon  | 20/08  |  01:07 PM

Very niiice.  Love that big hairy mom pussy!

Kman  | 14/09  |  08:41 PM

More like 55 would be my guess & not in favour of going to the dentist for a haircut either, so trim that bushy twat :-(

Jackson D  | 24/01  |  06:53 AM

Mom??  WTF are you doing here??

Scared for Life  | 18/10  |  08:52 PM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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