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Sex Scandal with Teacher in Sweden

The hype that teachers are involved with sexual relations hits the country of Sweden were a student had sex with his teacher. He had also these naked pictures of here. Would you hit it?


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Steve Stiffbone | 11/04 |  | 

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With those tits & that pussy of course I’d fuck her ... I mean, I’m only human grin

Jackson D  | 28/03  |  10:57 AM

Looks like a M-to-F post-op…

NoWay  | 30/05  |  12:45 AM

Good one, but was the student male or female??

Barry Bazooka  | 26/08  |  04:39 AM

So much work for a photo. But damn, those photos look good. And sureral, mysterious, CREEPY for some reason…

Andrea  | 09/06  |  05:34 AM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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