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5 Minutes Amy Fisher Sextape

After the Stills we have now 5 minutes of moving Amy.

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Steve Stiffbone | 16/11 |  | 

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she’s got a thing for stiffs

Willy Wanka  | 16/11  |  05:19 PM

Does she shoot him in the face after the the video shoot?

RickBlurken  | 04/08  |  01:39 AM

I would hit it.Yes, I would hit it 24/7

Robert Payton31258  | 23/10  |  07:30 AM

she has no ass but she is pretty

neal  | 09/11  |  09:24 AM

yes i would hit that sweet ass

joseph  | 29/12  |  10:22 PM

don’t get between amy and a dick, unless u want a bullet up ur grill

jojo  | 14/05  |  04:56 PM


KIMBO  | 04/06  |  05:59 AM

I’d still do her !!!

johnew  | 29/06  |  11:14 PM

you’d have to be gay not to hit that.  it’s obvious she knows how to please a man and knows what she is doing and you’d have to be blind not to see her body is fine.  24/7/365 I’m IN!

Bobbi homo  | 11/07  |  05:05 AM

why do they always pick the ugliest, gayest, or oldest man to be in a porno video. This old grey man look like he is asleep!

jamin juip  | 10/12  |  04:36 AM

the grey hair old man is her husband Vic he’s an ex cop remeber she likes older men a real daddy complex,she likes it when daddy hits it, watch her on celeberty rehab, she is crying about sex abuse but she makes porn movies,she likes to play victim but deep down she wants daddy to hit it.

toiny johansson  | 29/12  |  10:02 AM

Idk she seemed boring, maybe a lil out of practice. Idk tho she had been out ten yrs prior to this…

Sirca9Inches  | 13/04  |  08:37 AM

im not one to support wouldbe murderers, besides that, she chose that old coot cuz he was desperate and no other man in his right mind would go near that, all that salad tossn fish swimmin that bethsheba was thrown her n prison, hell she couldnt get murder right im surprised she can get sex right, she catchn ur cum n da face, right after u catch a bullet n da face, fuckn tramp hope u get hit by a bus bitch. it 1 thing to try and kill but completely different when u shoot her n front of her young kids, the effects on those kids minds is unreal.  As a perverted physicologist i would know. no way she catching my nut way more girls that r way hotter than her….im goin to redtube. ps i foresee her choking to death on a dildo in her lonley old age, Karma has a sense of humor like that

jack burnstein  | 11/05  |  06:34 AM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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