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Brazilian Facial

the bitch starts crying

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Willy Wanka | 07/03 |  | 

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The End ist disgusting…poor girl…

Newbie01  | 08/03  |  01:09 AM

i think this should be removed

noobie02  | 08/03  |  01:58 AM

you guys are fuking sick, you should be fckin sodomized just to condone this type of thing, you fkn sad fks

sniperman  | 08/03  |  08:28 AM

i’d have the kicks of my life just to fukn reconfigurate this motherfks face, id make him eat through a straw for the rest of his pathetic sad life

sniperman  | 08/03  |  08:31 AM

Gotta remove this….Sickening..

monsun  | 08/03  |  10:17 AM

i think they are tears of joy. i do not understand what she is saying?

squawk  | 08/03  |  12:13 PM

i personally think this should be removed, it is not fun. not at all.

GingerAle  | 08/03  |  01:03 PM

squawk.. that ones are not tears of joy..

she initially don’t like to make oral sex… when he cums, se start crying and when he asks to she keep the cum on her face she keep crying..
i think this video should be removed.

bassplayer  | 08/03  |  05:27 PM

Take it off

sjcypher  | 09/03  |  12:02 PM

I lol’ed, but it’s still just sick man!

I’d rather look at this brasilian:

Much hotter!

Johnny45  | 09/03  |  12:28 PM

I’m brazilian, so a little translation for you. First the girl says she doesn’t want to suck, then the guy does his “job”, a small pause and the chick tries to hold her cry and say she’s gonna throw up, the dude tells her he has to take a few more pictures (or some crap like that) in his room, she complains and tells him she’s had enough. When they enter the bathroom she complains again and then the guy says he’s not gonna pay her, she says she doesn’t care about the money blablabla. IMO, no reason to take the video off the air, having in mind she is just another paid bitch like so many others that have passed through the links of TNSFW.

JLT  | 09/03  |  04:45 PM

Not enjoyable, dude. There are enough ladies on here that APPEAR to enjoy being tape, chuck this one.

Si3nal  | 15/03  |  01:10 PM

Has she been kidnapped? I don’t speak the language, but something is making this woman do this in spite really not wanting to.

The man who filmed it and the people who host it should be ashamed of themselves. Someone filmed a rape, and you put it up calling the woman a bitch for crying.

turk  | 02/05  |  01:25 AM

i like extreme hardcore. But this is definitively too much.

zoso  | 11/03  |  03:25 AM

You guys are pussy’s…geez. Kidnapped? Cmon bro..Stay off the site if you dont want to be subjected these kind of videos, and if you really “cared” about the ladies than you wouldnt be on this site to begin with…shut up and grow some balls. Peace.

John  | 10/04  |  07:18 PM

first of all shes doing porn. i dont feel sorry for her. she signed a contract to get fucked on camera so nobody gives a fuck that she wants to cry about it now.

ImWant3d  | 19/07  |  12:32 AM


WOW  | 24/07  |  10:56 PM

some people enjoy making others sad…these people are called “sociopaths”, others sadness is their joy…. if you want to understand this read “the sociopath next door” or “without conscience”...I am sorry to tell you but this man will not stop…cannot stop making people sad…its what he does…and actually thrives on the attention you give him by complaining about his “meanness”. No sympathy, selfishness, and a complete disregard for another’s feeling is what this person’s world is about…what is comes down to is a complete inability to connect to anything emotionally.. in other words “no conscience”...Learn it up good if you want to stay sane, because 1 in 25 people secretly have “no conscience” and are masters of faking emotion and feeling absolutely nothing

realitysucks  | 31/12  |  04:42 PM

Uhhhh why are yall feeling bad for this chick.  She does a return visit on this same guy and same website .  Same thing happens and does not cry.  She is only crying because she feels like a slut.  She got over that the second time.

JIzztonic  | 30/05  |  11:47 PM


haNGAS  | 07/06  |  08:17 AM

Still it’s a good facial.

tuur  | 03/04  |  10:47 PM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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