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Willy Wanka | 06/06 |  | 

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Am I the only one who has seen this? Hell yeah I’d hit! Don’t miss part 2.

Little_E  | 16/06  |  12:51 PM


tomcat86  | 19/02  |  05:44 PM

I am excited to see that Apple has gtoetn their head out of the their A$$ and finally allowed a video app that works on 3g iphone’s.  This was the primary reason I jailbroke my phone.  For now,  I’ll wait and see if the quality reaches that of QIK or Cycorder since both of those apps ( jailbreak required ) have framerates of 8-15 FPS and produce results quite watch-able.  QIK also allows Youtube and Facebook uploading while Cycorder doesn’t.Keep up the work guys and if you are allowed by APPLE to match the capabilities of QIK,  I’m sure you will win over many a jailbreaker with this app!

Rob  | 06/06  |  11:21 PM

I have been able to download the veoids from the iphone to my desktop, but they do not play on the most recent version of QuickTime.  Sound comes through but only a green screen for the video.  What can I do to play them on my desktop?  Thank you.

Tasdeek  | 09/06  |  04:30 AM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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