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Dead Body Fuck

Crazy scene form the Japanese Movie Tumbling Doll of Flesh.

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Steve Stiffbone | 12/11 |  | 

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rick  | 12/11  |  11:59 PM

Yes! Simone described the enoitomal experience of hearing The Beatles on Mad Men perfectly! In the first moments it didn’t make sense to me why this music I’ve heard a million times sounded so shocking and out of place, and yeah, I got tingly and wispy eyed pondering the implications of hearing sounds like this for the first time.  Ahhh!Okay, weird pick-up’ story:I was 14 and went to a party at a beach park, I met a boy who looked a lot like Sean Astin in The Goonies, so obviously I was interested. Sometime later that night we went up on a hill to talk’ (makeout!!) So we’re up there in the dark making out when he pulls back and asks me Have you even given a blow-job before?  Of course not!!!! I’m 14! I just wanna pretend you’re Mikey’ and make out! I stayed calm and didn’t let him know how shocked I was. After a little debate he leaned back in frustration, rubbing his Dong through his pants, he turned to me and said C’mon, you’re COOL, right?  NO. Not that cool.I got up and left, losing my glasses in the process. A week later he started dating a girl who was apparently much cooler’ then me(heh), they’ve been together for 11 years now. Strange world.

Pieter  | 07/06  |  02:12 AM

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