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Edison Chen in Hong Kong Sex Scandal

Hong Kong Actor Edison Chen had a broken computer and brought this computer to the handyman. This handyman saw the porn Edison made with his girlfriends Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung and Bobo Chan and made it public to the world. Thank you handyman.

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Steve Stiffbone | 08/02 |  | 

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This isn’t the sex video. It’s a series of still photos. There’s supposedly a video coming out and there’s a lot of guys hoping it’ll be with Maggie Q.

erin  | 08/02  |  09:47 AM

look at the specially made video, he didn’t really mean to make an apology, what he is doing is trying to get rid of the trouble for the future when the starlets are going to sue him for money as he is careless about keeping the photo as showing off to his friends. here’s a hot debate over his video:

Sayid  | 08/02  |  08:00 PM

the above link is in chinese. it should be this one in english:

Sayid  | 08/02  |  08:01 PM

I would love for that dude to shit in my mouth or atleast cum on my man breasts.

50cent wide anus  | 08/02  |  10:15 PM

good man, nothing much better than one of those hot chinese sluts kneeling at your feet looking up at you as she licks your balls…

Funny most of them don’t shave their cunts, really hairy! the last slut was the best, i’d do her ass and spray her face as she licked me clean!

hardmachine  | 09/02  |  10:52 AM

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Gerardo  | 07/06  |  12:15 PM

Though to add onto my previous comnmet, if the issue is that she’s using Wiz to stay famous like she used Kanye to get famous and not that she’s a smut, then u right lmao

Asmae  | 09/06  |  03:08 AM

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