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Emo girls go lesbian

harddrive clean up time

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Willy Wanka | 22/07 |  | 

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Porn is just hilarious, especially when it’s this cheap.

Cracking bodies though.

Amateur Lover  | 23/07  |  04:56 PM

why does your player suck

nope  | 23/07  |  06:37 PM

Dude. The player sucks why dont you just go back to the original. Really, with all the complaints you can reach the conclusions that something may be wrong. I know this site is free but c’mon what’s not broken ...

Maese  | 23/07  |  07:12 PM


hofman  | 23/07  |  10:32 PM


hofman  | 23/07  |  10:32 PM

@Amateur Lover:
That’s not cheap, it’s supposed to be art. The whole movie’s like that (Doll Underground).

No probs with the player btw smile

Inspector Frost  | 23/07  |  11:26 PM

Shit shit shit player. C´mon dude, just bring back the fist one.

Nnasd  | 23/07  |  11:49 PM

Works perfectly fine here! You idiots have lousy internet connections. its not the player

STFU  | 24/07  |  12:48 AM

I dont have a problem with the player either, this is what Willy has put elsewhere.

Player issues haters: we are using the rtmp streaming protocol, make sure your firewall is not set up to block it. Search for totallycrap or tcuniverse and allow it through.
the only thing we have changed is that we’ve moved toweards the RTMP streaming protocol. Meaning. We used to host the videos and if you wanted to view them our servers would have to upload the complete video to your PC (in simpleton terms). This meant that if we hosted a 50mb video and it was viewed 100.000 times we would have used almost 5000 GB in bandwidth.?Now the video only “downloads” the bits you watch. If the video is 50mb en 5 minutes long, but you only watch the first 30 secs and skip to the end 30 secs it will have only downloaded one minute or 10mb of the video. You can scroll and jump in the videos as you see fit without problems.?In short, we use less bandwidth and have fewer costs and in return you get faster videos and faster servers cause they are under less stress.

topov  | 24/07  |  01:50 AM

Best thing ever on this site!

Chaz  | 24/07  |  03:46 AM

no our internet connections are fine. The Player really does suck. But I appreciate the effort.

not a moaner  | 24/07  |  08:20 AM

The problem is not our bandwidth, the problem is that the player downloads the piece of video but the image is frozen, at least thats my problem, in conclusion the player does sucks!

Dave  | 24/07  |  05:40 PM

What’s with the fucked up crap player again? I see nothing! No hotties!

vlamousse  | 24/07  |  07:01 PM

i’ve been looking for this video for ages!!!

it’s too bad i can only watch one sec before the video has to load the next sec. it’s like trying to watch youtube on my iPhone 3G on the AT&T network… frustrating…

This player may help your bandwidth but i’m almost ready to throw in the towel on this site.

cut corners, lose customers

Del  | 25/07  |  11:26 AM

these two emo girls are hot, hope to see more vids of them. i wish we had an emo bird section or emo bird contest. thank you!

rasputin666  | 25/07  |  06:43 PM

Art! Come on - how many trains do these girls ride? Are they in the 1950s and 60s?

giantslayer  | 27/07  |  12:05 AM

I was more focused on the story of this video, that’s what interested me. It’s strange..

ProfessorAK  | 23/12  |  11:33 AM

same guy changes his name & gripes about crappy player….
  works great for me…possibly it’s your crappy old PC, $29.95 monitor, and the $3.95 video card that’s the problem

IgradeU  | 27/02  |  07:45 AM

I feel ssatifeid after reading that one.

Honeysuckle  | 11/01  |  07:08 AM

I have no problems with the player, never have, I have no idea what you guys are griping about. Besides… it’s FREE! If you have problems with more than one clip, it’s you, not the site.

As for this particular clip… exactly how many trains were they on? Since when do they carry passengers on freight trains? And they finally gave up showing “scenery” behind the girls and just started showing random images. Too funny.

Certainly hot enough… yeah, I’d be quite happy to do them both wink

N  | 24/04  |  02:35 PM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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