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Erin Andrews Peeping Tom Video

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews has become a recent victim of a peeping tom. Andrews was taped naked in a hotel room in which the intruder then posted the video on the Internet. What a shame!

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Steve Stiffbone | 20/07 |  | 

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yeahright  | 20/07  |  07:42 PM

Dit gaat wel ver hoor… Bovendien kan het ook een trucage opname zijn gezien de pixelgrootte die wordt gebruikt…

Hendrik-Jan  | 20/07  |  07:47 PM

to bad she didnt pass gas, that would be the best

ennene  | 20/07  |  09:56 PM

they’re gonna know who had the next room… you’re fucked, buddy!

omg  | 20/07  |  11:35 PM

what is she doing? looks staged to me

a  | 21/07  |  12:39 AM

I knew those curls weren’t real!

Steve  | 21/07  |  12:59 AM

Thanks for the virus free video. Watch it before it is removed.

ireport  | 21/07  |  01:01 AM

great man,,up there with patton or clinton

jay  | 21/07  |  02:00 AM

How can you even tell that is her? the quality is so bad and with no sound there is no way to know if its her? plus how would she not notice a big whole in the wall

Lyons  | 21/07  |  02:43 AM

Erin was born in Lewiston, Maine, and moved to Tampa, Florida as a young girl, when her father (Steve Andrews) took a job as an investigative journalist for WFLA-TV. Erin’s father is a six-time Emmy Award winner.[6] On July 17, 2009, a statement was released on behalf of Andrews confirming that she had been videotaped nude in a hotel room without her consent or permission.

idk  | 21/07  |  05:06 AM

Looks like it was shot through the key hole with a camera phone.

Keyhole  | 21/07  |  07:14 AM

Not keyhole. Peephole in the door I mean.

keyhole  | 21/07  |  07:15 AM

what a great body…id have her lick my hard dick till i came in her throat then dominate that tight wet pussy and penetrate her ass until i came deep inside her…

b;ah  | 21/07  |  09:32 AM

How do you save this?

Double A  | 21/07  |  09:38 AM

Nice body. I’m very impressed. She should be proud her masterpiece is out there now.

Mick  | 21/07  |  04:09 PM

Wow never thought i see it. Hope u guys can keep it up alil longer. She is even better then i thought she be.

UM FAN  | 21/07  |  06:52 PM

We now know the answer to the question “does she shave it smooth or leave it natural?”

d  | 21/07  |  08:51 PM

I only wish she had been filmed using that chrome-tipped vibrator that is standing on the front edge of her vanity.

d  | 21/07  |  09:09 PM


BIGL  | 21/07  |  09:25 PM

Wow, this is really exciting. A picture that consists of one pixel.

Jack Dick  | 21/07  |  11:45 PM

I call Bravo Sierra…this looks terribly staged. Federal investigation my arse!

FlickDude  | 22/07  |  01:06 AM

What idiot does their hair while being fully nude, in a motel room, and thinking that no one will see them? And she’s not really that hot either.

billg  | 22/07  |  01:13 AM

Erin is an attention whore who is most likely close to signing a new contract. Notice how she is perfectly centered, in that tiny hole in the wall. What are the odds? Look how she moves seductively, then turns perfectly for the camera. She is in on this. This has been on the inet since feb. Nobody noticed until her attorney put out that press release. Hey Erin is naked…take a look. Attention whore all the way.

For Real  | 22/07  |  03:31 AM

i hope they catch the guy who took this video of erin and hang him by the balls i hope erin gets a big lawsuit payment

ken a  | 22/07  |  05:18 AM

it’s not a toilet paper roll, BIGL. toilet paper rolls can’t see from the wrong side of a peephole. the guy used a “peephole reverser” attachment on a camcorder. it’s interesting stuff.

bob  | 22/07  |  08:25 AM

Staged…even if it is her, this girl knows she’s being filmed.  Hot-ass bod though, if it’s really EA I’m thoroughly impressed.

Krum  | 22/07  |  09:10 AM

She’s suing, she’s humiliated, she’s outraged….
She’s suddenly more famous than the Pope….

This hasn’t hurt her a bit…I didn’t even know who the fuck she was until I saw this vid, now I can’d wait to see her with that penis-shaped microphone in front of her mouth…I have no interest in the sports she announces, but it’s much easier to imagine her naked on the sidelines now….

Joe A Abernathy  | 22/07  |  09:26 AM

I’d fuck her in a nigger minute!!

Kirk Herbstreet  | 22/07  |  10:10 PM

Anyone know if there’s really another video of her fucking some dude, or is that bullshit?

Big Shot  | 22/07  |  11:02 PM

So would I!!!!

Barack Obama  | 22/07  |  11:15 PM

billg, alot of women do that, my girlfriend does everything to get ready after the shower before she puts her clothes on, just like pretty Erin, and any girl i have spent time with before her did the same, even in a motel, although from now on im putting tape over the peephole when we stay somewhere. Its also not uncollon for the desk and mirror to be right in front of the entrance/peephole.

blaster7  | 23/07  |  02:19 AM

I’d love to plow that white chick with my sacred, black wang!

Jesse Jackson  | 23/07  |  06:10 PM

WTF, who gives a flying f*ck about complete utter CRAP quality videos like this.

You can find free HD / HQ porn all over the internet, but all the fuzz is about some crappy 3 pixel nude vid that I can’t even jerk off on.

Fu(K this lame shit :(

Joey  | 23/07  |  06:42 PM

The part when she bent over into here suitcase, just beautiful. I got an instant boner seeing that.

bassone  | 23/07  |  09:14 PM

Saw another where she’s ironing naked and using her ipod naked. In the ipod vid she walks right in front of the camera a few feet away that you can see her face, its her. Supposedly these were first out 3 months ago at Dailymotion bt no one belived it was really her. We can thank lawrs for the confirmation…

Eddie  | 23/07  |  11:28 PM

I’d love to grab her hair and pump her hard up the ass while ramming her head against the headboard. want to cum in her just as she starts to cry that slut whore

fuckmaster  | 24/07  |  12:06 AM

This is total self promotion. I would need a lie detector from Erin the attention whore before I could believe she wasn’t involved in this. The majority seems to be filmed through the door peep hole viewer. You want us to believe that the alleged peeper just happens to come along at the crucial moment. Then they stand in the hall, during the day for 4 minutes with a camera up against the door without being noticed.

Erin seems to be acutely aware of camera angles. Then she poses bent over for the money shot.

The video has been on the net since early in this year without notice. So the lawyer needs to make the announcement with that phony threat of suit. The lawyer knows full well that prosecution is impossible due to most of the various states law. This type of recording is NOT ILLEGAL in many states.

Erin was supposedly filmed in at least two seperate rooms. Her stalker travels around the country to film her?

The fact Erin is a attention whore, who is on the downslope of her body looks. Coupled with the above, leads me to believe this tape was made for self promotion, with the intent to “leak” it on the internet. When nobody noticed it, her camp sent out the notices to bring attention to it.

It’s time for Erin to take a lie detector test if her side is going to continue to advertise this.

Obviously Self Promotion  | 24/07  |  12:13 AM

They took the video down. Glad I watched it (at least)25 times .

Pussy  | 24/07  |  05:47 AM

So is there a second video? What’s this talk about “two rooms” and “another where she uses her ipod?” This video must be viewed too!

McClown  | 24/07  |  06:12 AM

I’m guessing its a worker at the hotel

Jane  | 24/07  |  06:46 AM

good strokin’ stuff! Multiple splats!

Jack Off  | 24/07  |  10:40 PM

while viewing, I had to shove my dick into a liver lined milk bottle - good load!

Billy Beatoff  | 24/07  |  10:47 PM

The person used a “peep hole reverser”.

They are illegal, but can be bought online.

Bewbs  | 26/07  |  09:36 AM

what a fake shit , she is even possing for the camera.

me  | 26/07  |  02:04 PM

stroke, stroke - splat!!

MASTER BATOR  | 26/07  |  06:40 PM

your bird in your hand is better than in the bush!

Peter Puller  | 28/07  |  08:59 PM

Why is she not using the bathroom? All the girls I know use the bathroom to get ready, unless it’s a room filled with girls, then they fight for any available mirror.

blahre  | 31/07  |  05:15 PM

a nice cumshot in her eye socket woud be good.

Dick Stroker  | 31/07  |  07:52 PM

she set this up herself but wasnt this clip suppost to be taken down due to legal reasons? trust me, im not complaining but was just curious

wayniac917  | 25/09  |  05:49 PM

it’s a shame that someone would invade someone’s privacy like this and make such thing public. Leave the poor woman alone and remove this video

Osman  | 16/12  |  07:07 AM

We’re born naked, she’s naked…whatever. Plenty of hot chicks to look at on the web or IRL.
I don’t know anyone that walks around their house butt naked at any time of day (unless it’s during the ole’ sexy time with the missus).

The guy who made this video should be proud of himself for wanting to perv on the female species, we’re so full of ourselves these days’ it isn’t funny.

Take care everyone.

Tom  | 10/02  |  06:06 AM

Very sexy, I’ve been waiting to see this video.

PuppyJuice  | 06/03  |  02:08 PM

omg… im speechless

nippy  | 16/03  |  07:38 PM

omg… im speechless…

nippy  | 16/03  |  07:39 PM

How do we even know it’s Erin, other than Erin telling us it’s her? No one would have even suspected if she and her attorney hadn’t publicized it. It just looks like your generic blond with a nice ass.

And by the way, whoever it is, that girl is farting up a storm.

LongSchaft  | 17/03  |  07:39 AM

she does shave her pussy!

John  | 24/04  |  10:29 AM

What’s a nigger minute?

WhiskeyShots  | 26/05  |  06:33 AM

White Trash NO TALENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bill  | 03/08  |  09:23 PM

How does she not notice the hole’s in the wall!?

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KuzHill  | 02/02  |  07:07 AM

Ha.  I like that the lawyers cant get this one taken down.  Thanks for hosting it!

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Sootaskenna  | 13/02  |  10:00 AM

Someone please tell us what a nigger minute is

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