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FPS: Fucking while cooking

hygiene anyone?

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Willy Wanka | 21/10 |  | 

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LMAO nice

Name  | 22/10  |  05:31 PM

Mexi-mullet FTL!

sir spaz  | 22/10  |  07:00 PM

lol !!
this shit is a chilean video raspberry

pretty well known around here
but never thought that it would make it this far

we know it as “La pela tomates”
(The tomato peeler)

and if you could understand what she says you would be rofling :D

PiNo  | 23/10  |  12:27 AM

why don’t you give us a little translation of what she is saying then?

anon  | 23/10  |  10:39 AM

thats funny

rasputin666  | 23/10  |  10:11 PM

hahaha i can’t believe how far can get this video. I’m chilean and i know what are saying. In the video, the man says to the girl that he have to peel tomatoes like a concourse. Then, the girl do it and the man start to fuck her while he is peeling tomatoes. The girl say a lot of words like “conchesumadre”, trying to express that feels when her boyfriend is fucking her…this word in english means “motherfucker” .
I’m sorry for my english…

innominate  | 05/12  |  08:42 AM

lol this guy legend and she totally loving naughty minx!

Horatio  | 19/04  |  04:03 AM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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