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FPS: Guy gets blown while roommate keeps on gaming


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Willy Wanka | 03/04 |  | 

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I would have quit the game and start watching

henk  | 03/04  |  05:10 PM

lol…that 2nd dude is lame…
this was like a 3way begging to happen

gsuz  | 03/04  |  05:26 PM

gsuz, the gamer dood wld probably suffer from ‘wet-noodle’.  ANd theres no way the kid getting blown is a panface, they don’t cum equiped that big!

big o  | 04/04  |  12:40 AM

how the fuck does an asian guy have that big a dick?  the dick was brown but for sure he ain’t black!

demarr  | 04/04  |  01:29 AM

damn, a nice cock sucking azian sluth !!!

spatieman  | 04/04  |  01:18 PM

fuck me! that’s what i call a disembarased girl

john  | 06/04  |  05:56 AM

How fucking cool was that?

Dree  | 10/04  |  04:16 AM

the other guy is just gay

ass  | 11/04  |  05:35 PM

to show you how committed i am to asian chicks, porn and this website:

http:// topamateurporn [dot] com/Asian/5749/Nice-asian-teen-chick-sucking-and-fucking.html

here’s a further video of her. i knew i’d seen her somewhere. i never forget a “face”...

now give me the bloody order of the garter, the congressional medal of honour and the nobel peace prize for being such a nice chap…

nemo  | 09/04  |  01:49 AM

God help me, I put aside a whole afternoon to firgue this out.

Jobeth  | 07/08  |  05:31 PM

her name is deira hanzawa she’s got a lot of nudes online

coolie  | 20/10  |  01:23 AM

Okay, let’s try this…

All three of them get together and play video games together on a regular basis. The guy lying in bed tells the girl one day, “Hey, I’d really like it if you sucked my dick while we were playing video games for a change.” The girl anxiously replies, “Really? It would be so cool if I could suck your dick and play video games one day. Awesome!!!”

The fat kid actually playing video games?? He’s a fat kid playing video games, what do you want? Pussy is an inconveinence to him at this point. He isn’t going to lose his virginity until someone invents a robot that you can have sex with and looks like a hot anime chick with big tits.

geez  | 19/06  |  01:46 PM

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