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King Cum | 19/09 |  | 

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Must say: she is good!!!

macmaster  | 20/09  |  06:47 AM

Wow! she’s fit! I loved it. May have to suggest this one to my wife!! I want a go!

Knuckle Shuffle  | 23/09  |  10:27 PM

- I didn’t really neaild it, but sometimes weapon change from second weapon (pistol) back to primary weapon doesn’t work on first button press (when you’re still in ironsight?).- It looks a bit irritating when sniper rifle transists into the scope view.- I got the Winstreak (?) award when I won my first MP match (after some people ragequitting).

Joy  | 09/06  |  08:07 AM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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