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FPS: Liverpool Lass Danielle Smith Part 01

Could Danielle become a new Hannah? PART 2 and PART 3

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Willy Wanka | 10/02 |  | 

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Hannah had the right amount of tease, Danielle’s no comparison.

Have to watch it on mute too - the scouse accents really ruin my stroke raspberry

J  | 10/02  |  04:06 PM

Top class babe!! What a girl!! Its usually mingers who let guys gangbang them coz there desperate to impress!! Shes gorgeous!!

JC  | 10/02  |  06:02 PM

whats with the fuckin sideways filming

Dan  | 10/02  |  06:39 PM

some of these vids r v. annoying.
you have a gorgeous girl getting fucked and the cameraman wants 2 film his friends watching???

rodney  | 10/02  |  06:53 PM

I hear some girls beat her p for this!

Dave  | 10/02  |  07:35 PM

She is a professional, don’t doubt it.

Peter  | 10/02  |  09:28 PM


Alfonze  | 10/02  |  11:56 PM

Ugh those guys won’t STFU, they laugh is so annoying and they barely speak english. Shes stillh ot

Aaron  | 11/02  |  02:29 AM

The usual moaning about the Scouse accent.

Like any other accent in the UK is a huge turn on.

Mancs talk too slow, Cockneys should be drowned at birth, Brummies sound like they are drowning and don’t get me started on Geordies or the Welsh.

KKK  | 11/02  |  03:23 AM

top bird poor camera work - and no comment on the accents - but think alot of people would agree with ya kkk I should have been drowned at birth

jimmy$5  | 11/02  |  07:30 AM

Horrible cameraman.  This is probably some of the worst shooting Ive ever seen in amateur porn.  Wow.  Sideways filming?  How fucking stupid do you have to be…

cc  | 11/02  |  07:22 PM

the cameraman is quite clearly gay… he wants to catch as much of the man as he possibly can while at least getting some of the girl in.  that is all fine, except he has ruined my opportunity to see such a hot girl.  for that, he should be drowned.

clakier  | 12/02  |  09:39 PM

Bindipping scouse monkeys..

Jimmy Fingers  | 13/02  |  10:58 AM

that bird is fit goota be a pro what the fuck would she be doing with those divy bastards at least at the end of it with the money she gets paid she will be able to support her family for life living in pikey know what they say give a scoucer some money and he will feed himdelf for a day give him a slap and it will make you feel better.

whoeveriwanttobe  | 14/02  |  09:24 PM

I Reckon He Was USeing The Same Model Phone Or Similair To The ONe I Have Were You Have To Actually Turn The Phone SIdewards When Filming Otherwide When Viewing It Ends Up like You See Here ? Anyway Ye She’s HOT ! And I Think Its Just me On Here That Like HER Accent…

STORY MAN !  | 16/02  |  05:43 AM


dan the man  | 17/02  |  05:07 PM

she’s only 16!

terry  | 18/02  |  09:01 PM

you fukin slag. bet ur mum and dad are sooooo proud. tart!!
she is fuckin disgusting!!!!
x x x x mwah x x x x x x

bethany helliwell  | 20/08  |  05:00 AM

she dusnt get paid, shes not a pro. she lives near me. she is really fit. but she also is jus a slag, they asked her ,an she said yes. shes made a few of these vids. got paid nothing. she finally stopped doing it when her dad was shown a video of “sum fit slag” on a mobile phone and when he looked it was his daughter. he tried to get the lads done by the police and they couldent do anything, because she was letting them do it. basically a big 16-17 year old slag. also these vids are 2 to 3 years old

tomo  | 29/10  |  11:28 AM

I actually know this girl haha she is a proper slag an her parents have seen this video aswell.. one of her dads mates wanted to show him this “hot amateur porn vid” which happened to be his daughter haha class

Franny  | 31/03  |  01:45 AM

“whoeveriwanttobe” you cheeky fuckin nobed, you sound like bad little tit who cant spell!!!! Id like to see you give a scouser a slap you fuckin shit bag coz youd get fuckin floored!!!! Im one of the lads on that video, and the camera work is not bad it just wasnt filmed to be a proper porno. It was filmed for a laugh, not for little nerds like you to wank over!!!

Top Scouser  | 03/04  |  08:05 PM

They have no clue. Cant talk, cant spell and defiantly cant film.

Should of been gay porn might of been better.

Scouser idiots  | 13/05  |  01:39 PM

well fukin sed top scouser aba tha cheeky twat “whoeveriwanttobe” wa a fukin soft wanker, probly a fukin stupid manc queer or sumtin like tha, the fukin soft twat

john sproule  | 03/07  |  03:55 AM

i no 1 ov the lads in it hes propa sik

DS  | 29/08  |  08:35 PM

wud be interested to see the other pov! that other fella has a far better angle with his camera

paul  | 09/11  |  02:20 AM

al u litk le wools comentn bwt scouses need to shut th fv uck up givn ital mouth on ere ad love to c al ulitle wools in the street n e fuck the lot ofyas n c ifyas r stil mouthn of then ya litl jokes keepit shut the lotofyas n welin t al the boys in the vid scouses 1 4 the boys ha

jm09scouse  | 09/12  |  11:36 PM

fuck yeah i’d pound her so hard she’d forget her name the dirty slut…. id fuck her mouth and pussy and ass with my massive foot-long cock and blow my load all over those gorgeous tits

css  | 01/01  |  03:28 PM

She just a dirty blonde slag . She used to workm in a club in town and got shagged by the doormen i know her she filth and vile she gives scousers a bad name wonder how her mum and dad feel . If it was daughter i would of booted her out and disowned her fuking vile dog

scousegirl2121  | 12/10  |  03:31 AM

y r all u scouse cuntz goin on like itz u in the vid GET REAL.any1 got a didgit 4 her i wud tear her up thatz how uz MANCHESTER BOYZ GO ON

bright  | 21/12  |  05:40 AM

bright why u takin like that if your from manny? sound like a fuckin retarded dyslexic tinchy stryder ed ahaha haha manchester ‘boyz’? liverpool men over here ya bad divvy yous are stuck in the 90s down there with ya burberry caps n kappa trackies. “YA GET ME BLUD?!’ AHAHA BET U TALK LIKE THAT U BAD MING!!! mancs like u make me laugh lad you’re a joke, a stain on the world a fuckin centipede on this massive universe n as for everyone else givin’ it the whole big man about scousers over a pc get a life “boyz”.


thadr  | 24/12  |  04:12 AM

Drop the hero talk you Munich gangster wannabe’s.

Your not in the hood…your all bell ends.

Stop talking cack you Manc messes.

Captain Pugwash  | 31/12  |  04:50 AM



SCOUSE AND PROUD  | 23/02  |  02:30 PM

jm09scouse ur not even a scouser, ur probably from the wirral u little wool.

an all u manc scum best shut ur mouth. i killed ur nan.

haroldshipman  | 31/05  |  01:24 PM

Too much gay scouseness for me, why are these gay boys filming the guy when there is a sexy babe up for anything? Typical thick scousers, can’t do fuck all right.

Maggie Thatcher  | 08/08  |  12:51 PM

wwul026 hfoquzt mkb2tjj ttyn8zw oao7awb.

bitcoin  | 19/09  |  04:04 PM

She looks kinda hot… but it’s hard to tell WHEN THE FUCKING CAMERA IS SIDEWAYS! Holy crap dude… learn how to hold the thing properly and lets get some more of the girl in there!

N  | 14/11  |  06:47 AM

That slag is fit as fuck, but she really needs to get blitzed of a group of top boys from Manchester as those filthy, bin-dippin, rat eatin scouse bag-heads are obviously gay as FUCK!!! Keep your fucking pikey mouths shut talkin shit about Manchester or we’ll come round and burn LiverFOOL to the ground!!!
P.s Suarez is a fucking racist cunt!!!

Mancasfuck  | 10/02  |  01:40 AM

i fuckin hate mancs yano !! but i hate blag scousers more ! ay kids form manny your towns run by pakis an it stinks like a mosque dont get on the internet an start shoutin your mouths off you weasels , an all your birkenhead wirral eds can fuck off aswell ou mugs ! an danelle smith is a slag , all these mugs on ere sayin there top goosers an tha shes only some sweat calm your self down you fuckin plant pots. anyway peace goin eggin

MUNICHCUNTS  | 16/03  |  04:48 AM

MancAsFuck listen you ya little inbread cunt ! you wouldnt step foot in liverpool you joke , kid goes to the wirral an rekkons hes been down r ways , dont let your city down kid just turn your laptop off an go to bed your dadss waitin for you !  an why is suarez bein racist an insult ?? eva is a little black cunt ?? if hes ashamed of that thats not our problem ? ? We as scousers pray for another munich smile

fuckallmancs  | 16/03  |  04:52 AM

id smash tha

kio  | 23/04  |  03:03 AM

scouse n proud if u mank twats dont wana watch it fuk off u dirty scum

fukumanktwats  | 23/04  |  03:04 AM

In my view the remedy for bad relgiion is good relgiion, not no relgiion at all. The post above is ill-informed in not recognizing the enormous strides made by Protestants and Catholics in building bridges with one another over the past 50 years. And it is callow in failing to see that relgiion does not operate in a vacuum: it is always transmitted through social and political filters   in this case British imperialism and Irish nationalism. Please remember that the keynotes of Christianity are peace, forgiveness, humility and purity of heart. Not virtues to be sneezed at under any circumstances.

Petr  | 27/04  |  05:50 PM

Get kaka now that he will be available in the smeumr or a youngster - Jordan Henderson,Hamsek,Defour,Gourkoff,Got to get some creative midfield players,Scholes is losing it, Carrick never had it a lot somehow he has clicked,Fletcher can run around all day but that will not give you a goal, Gibson?? can shoot all day and get one shot on target, very mediocre, Anderson?? 2 goals in 3 -4 Years,Obertan? skillful but no good performances, BEBE ???? why???? send him on loan for 2 years at any BPL Club

Sylvia  | 29/04  |  07:16 AM

we pray for another hillsborough, now fuck off back to the jobcentre and sign on ya scouse messes

mancasfuck  | 20/06  |  09:13 PM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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