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FPS: My face while getting ass fucked

Okay, that was educational

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King Cum | 02/09 |  | 

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Comments, is it me or does she look like a guy. When I first started the video I though that was a guy.

randomperson  | 02/09  |  06:17 PM

Lets get this right. Bird likes playing with dildos - good. Likes being fuked in the ass - very good. Likes fukin herself in the ass with her dildo - amazing. Filming herself fuking herself in the ass with a dildo! Jesus christ I why cant i meet birds like this!!!!

Northerner  | 03/09  |  03:36 AM

pretty interesting ...
nice ass, nice face ... better to have plenty of mirrors in the room !!

iamcharly  | 03/09  |  09:42 AM

i’d do her

iwoulddoher  | 03/09  |  08:53 PM

That has to be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!!

WOW  | 04/09  |  08:39 AM

It’s not working. I only get like the first 3 seconds

Igor  | 05/09  |  06:30 AM

That was pretty fuckin hot

Dan  | 10/09  |  02:16 AM

The insertion was sexy has hell, then it was just alright… until she layed down on her side. I dunno why but it got really fucking sexy then. Nice.

HomicidalClown  | 13/09  |  12:36 PM

Does anyone know where we can find more videos by this girl?

pow  | 29/10  |  07:53 AM

very nice ass

pox  | 14/02  |  03:34 AM

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