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King Cum | 19/06 |  | 

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Thats Heather from hardly a future porn star, she is a all out porn star, as a matter of fact I think she has retired..

Bonedaddy  | 19/06  |  10:48 PM

Is it just me or does the video cut off just as the shot is “produced”

Cochis  | 20/06  |  12:58 AM

It’s incomplete…

Gare  | 20/06  |  09:04 AM

Yeah, that’s Heather…sells her web site with promises of all kinds of stuff that is not on the site and then doesn’t answer your e-mail….Tapes porn with her kid in the next room…not a pro…just an asshole.


Joe A Abernathy  | 20/06  |  07:51 PM

You know…I’d like to retract that line in my last comment:  “Tapes porn with her kid in the next room.”  I am not 100% certain that is true, so I withdraw that remark, as that is pretty damning..

However, she IS an asshole who cheats her customers and doesn’t respond to e-mails when you write to complain.

Joe A Abernathy  | 20/06  |  08:02 PM

Just download the site rip torrent.  See it all for free.

Retribution  | 21/06  |  08:41 AM

Heather for sure. Cummed on her many times.

Hank  | 21/06  |  03:37 PM


From what I have seen around the net (which could well be rumors) she originally signed with a company who put together the website. As far as I could find, her and her husband haven’t been active since like 2006, but the company won’t pull the site. So it isn’t really her fault that she doesn’t update or respond.

---  | 16/07  |  11:29 PM

Yea, I’ve shot all over her face before!

mic  | 25/10  |  02:01 AM

I just checked out her website  It looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2004 if you go by the copywrite at the bottom of the screen.

irishrover  | 14/02  |  02:13 AM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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