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Nice ass!

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King Cum | 18/04 |  | 

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This new video player sux, why did u change it???

XXX  | 18/04  |  08:03 PM

NEW VID PLAYER SUCKS!!!!! FREAKING SLOW… srry but plz we want the old one back

WTFOMFG  | 18/04  |  09:16 PM

I like the new player. Fast forward FTW.

hell yeah  | 18/04  |  10:22 PM

lick my ass this video playazzz much betta

joekiidd  | 18/04  |  11:34 PM

new video player…disappointed.  video is not smooth.  like watching webcam.  constantly buffering while stopping video to buffer.  not an improvement.  on new mac pro firefox 3.0.1

this sucks  | 19/04  |  12:14 AM

new video player is rubbbish, bring back the old one. Please.

Brian  | 19/04  |  02:00 AM

the girl is great, her ass is great and the player is great (had to click once on it to get it playing - smooooth, good job team!)

kamikazekiddy  | 19/04  |  02:20 AM

why the hell did you change that player?! this sucks bigtime…

blabla  | 19/04  |  04:13 AM

I like that the new one doesn’t have other videos blocking out the video you’re watching when you scroll over it.

Josh  | 19/04  |  05:26 AM

Damn she has a fantastic body and a great ass to boot!

small1sh  | 19/04  |  06:21 AM

I love that girl. She haas a gorgeous body!

small1sh  | 19/04  |  06:26 AM

The new player is AWESOME but maybe it’s a European thing? I know some of this site is based out of the Netherlands.

Probably need a more local server for our foriegn friends.

hexalite  | 19/04  |  10:24 AM

Love the new player, I really hated the other one that blocked half the video if you wanted to adjust sound or frame.
Player doesn’t lag, only have to click once and it simply rocks!

Amerifags, stop whining.

Michael  | 20/04  |  12:31 AM

Guys, that’s the whole idea. You shouldn’t fastforward.Just enjoy it the max.

chris  | 20/04  |  01:38 AM

So, was the motivation to make it impossible to watch the webcam style output AND make it impossible to flash download the video files?

Booh  | 20/04  |  06:27 AM

How can i save these videos? sothink web video downloader and videoget don’t seem to work on here now.

howto  | 20/04  |  03:47 PM

Oh my goodness I would love to have that ass right infront of me!

OMG!!  | 07/10  |  10:21 AM


I cant even type that ass is so beautiful!!

Gorilla  | 07/10  |  10:22 AM

She’s a definite hottie! Hey sweetie, how would you like to be in a full legnth feature film? Just step into my office so we can discuss it. Oh if you’re wearing panties, just take them off now. They tend to interupt the “creative process”.

geez  | 01/03  |  08:38 PM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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