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FPS: Suck him dry

nice redhead sucks still he is dry

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Willy Wanka | 28/05 |  | 

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So our live draft involved a cutmoper crash, a 486.00 trip to Best Buy for a new PC with 90 minutes to spare, 141 beers, One team taking 3 QB’s and another team, repeating champs actually, drafting 4 (excuse me while I go Grantland on you) FOUR (4!) Four! tight ends. True story. It was fucking great. Vick went first overall for those of you keeping score. And the second to last ass pic is fantastic Uff. Thanks for the effort.

Ellen  | 07/06  |  07:17 AM

</a>There are some quircks to this game yes. But oh man, to put it in psvepectire. I have borderlands on PC, when you turn the graphics on the highest settings and on 1080p it is great. But on a 5850, if you enter a area with high detail, it will start to stutter a bit. This game has 10x the detail of boderlands and it has not one hiccup -actually ever from what I’ve seen in the videos. Its pretty amazing, the level design also is intense. True 60fps.VN:R_U [1.9.12_1141](from 0 votes)

Deepak  | 09/06  |  03:04 AM

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