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FPS: Young couple double mastrubation

What... no fucking?

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King Cum | 11/10 |  | 

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She isn’t really that attractive.

sextoy  | 11/10  |  06:17 PM

I’d give her a solid 6.5.  Not a great face but not an unattractive one.  The body is nice.

Carlin  | 11/10  |  08:40 PM

she has a real nice snatch on her, pity he didn’t get a bit more of it rather than 6 mins of him getting a blow job.. lol

maverick  | 12/10  |  05:15 AM

Instead of removing my rant here, you could correct your spelling mistake. The word still is MASTURBATION

bobo  | 12/10  |  11:16 AM

I’d have rammed my cock in her snatch when he was available, I’d rather blow my load inside her!! Cute snatch, shame about the face.

Knuckle Shuffle  | 13/10  |  09:43 PM

seems like she really had a great time. mabee they ran out of rubbers and had to do this insead.

rasputin666  | 14/10  |  09:19 PM

Is anyone else tired of blowjob videos?  I get onto this site to see naked women.  I really do not need to see a grainy closeup of some guy’s dick, even if it is slipping in and out of a woman’s mouth.

Scotch  | 04/09  |  10:18 PM

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