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Freaks: Wanking a clit


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King Cum | 25/08 |  | 

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What the fuck?

Does she have a nose ring?

snatas claws  | 25/08  |  05:07 PM

Is this a guy or a girl? I really can’t tell.

Gast  | 25/08  |  07:19 PM


Great One  | 25/08  |  10:48 PM

Thats a sex change dude . . .

WhosYirDaddy  | 25/08  |  11:34 PM


fubaar  | 26/08  |  12:58 AM

What’s with the hairy legs ?????

anaal  | 26/08  |  01:50 AM

That was once a dude.

A Person  | 26/08  |  03:33 AM

That’s a guy ho got his balls cut off- but that doesn’t explain it well enough.

YotaruVegeta  | 26/08  |  03:54 AM

your right this was a dude but there are chicks with massive clits

EV3RNITE  | 26/08  |  04:29 AM

That’s deffo a post op tranny… that pussy is man-made.

Some ladies have big clits but they look nothing like that!

samsen  | 26/08  |  06:46 AM

It could well be a transman (female-to-male transgender) who’s on hormone therapy.

heyp  | 26/08  |  10:30 AM

Woman on to high testosteron levels. Perhaps due to menopause. She doesn’t look fit enough to be a body builder. Old clip - been around for ages. It’s pretty bad that she hasn’t done anything about the hair, but it’s quite a natural byproduct when you have high testosterone levels.

Get a fucking medical degree before you start all the stupid guess work…

Turbo  | 26/08  |  03:37 PM

It’s a hermaphrodite for sure. Although the physiology is female like, notice the leg hair, and the “clit” that rises up and down like a penis, its more male than female. Basically it’s one of nature’s genetic cockups. They can have sex as either males or females, but their vagina’s are short too.

z-man  | 26/08  |  10:17 PM

video player still fails hard, streaming quality is horrible

me  | 27/08  |  12:25 AM

I don’t care…I think it’s hottt! I like weird stuff like this.

Lizzy  | 28/08  |  03:59 PM

is lady gaga WITH CHILE

LUIZ  | 18/09  |  10:29 PM

It’s a female to male transsexual.  Born female.  Hormone therapy to become male.

slolee69  | 23/03  |  02:40 AM

I think we have found Justin Bieber :O

Ole  | 04/06  |  11:15 PM

well i would not hit it but i think it’s a was born with male and female there

dustman6  | 21/12  |  10:18 AM

wow all of your hermaphrodite comments are WRONG…obviously a bunch of little kids with not enough experience.

df  | 09/02  |  06:06 AM

wow!that is amazing and soo sexy

lou  | 16/05  |  11:57 AM

She’s got NO BOOBS!!! hahaaa why coudln’t they find an actual hot flight attendant because there are so many of them or just get a really hot curvy doable model to pose for these very creative pics?? this girl is just plain simple and ugly!!!

Babu  | 07/06  |  03:02 AM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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