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Girl from Basshunter videoclip does Porn

The girl from the Basshunter video Now you're Gone in another more interesting video.

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Steve Stiffbone | 26/02 |  | 

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First of all, Basshunter sucks and so does NOW YOURE GONE, altough the original swedish version of that song “Boten Anna” is much better. Second, how the hell did she end up in england in Basshunters video? Shes a Persian model who were in the swedish/norwegian version of BigBrother.

Farzin  | 26/02  |  03:28 PM

Hell yeah you still would


Peter  | 27/02  |  12:18 AM

The clip would be better if the white version of Flava Flave wasnt in the back talking and going OH YEAH! so fucking much i want to kill him if i could

mobbdeep  | 27/02  |  02:20 AM

Something about her face reminds me of Craig David…kinda ruins the enjoyment

Naitch  | 27/02  |  09:16 PM

Damn you Naitch! That’s killed it for me now.

“Craaaiiiiggg Daaavvviiiiddd”

Deleerious  | 01/03  |  10:50 AM

The only connection with craig david is that she has a gorgeous cunt and he is a cunt!

voyeur98  | 12/04  |  03:59 PM

basshunter i-a pupat pe aia in pula ::)))))))))

unroman  | 02/11  |  01:22 PM

i have watched a lot of porn in my time but dam dat iz da finest pussy i have eva seen who agrees.

florian  | 03/11  |  03:54 AM

Bllody hell!
The things i would do to her would be illegal.
Sexy biatchh.
She looks the best in the angel in the night video like with tht lyle and scott top on. Who agrees like? wink

Ginoo C  | 05/11  |  07:54 PM

eeeeeeeee shave that shit!

bob  | 29/12  |  04:41 AM

i would fuk tht bitch rotten so would my mate P DOG. my m8 G DOG would fuk her so hard tht she wud be in a wheelchair the rest of her life! ass for basshunter hes a faggot! X

peter  | 07/01  |  02:35 AM

u can tell wen shes bent ova, jus lookin dat she takes it up da ass, sexy as fuck

G  | 30/01  |  08:18 PM

Holy shit :O that whore played in 4 videos of Basshunter…

Anonim  | 28/07  |  07:53 PM

that girl fine

marc d  | 16/12  |  12:58 AM

id tap that !

James  | 27/12  |  01:47 AM

the combo of bumne (acne of the bum), chewbacca’s peephole penis and shaft hair totally ruin this. flacid. im talkin bone dry here.

campbell  | 05/01  |  09:41 PM


Chris18  | 21/04  |  06:53 PM

treble clef symbols,

Xlfiznam  | 04/07  |  03:33 PM

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