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King Cum | 10/04 |  | 

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fuck yeah she is hot!! got any more videos of her or links ?

rasputin666  | 10/04  |  10:02 PM


Why only one measly fucking minute?

badcloud  | 12/04  |  01:27 AM

The name is Noelia. She is from Ordenes, Spain…..and is very very hot

Pastorcillo  | 12/04  |  06:42 PM

Reverse minstrel show!  I am a white guy in Bed Stuy and have been in a silamir situation with the same population for longer than a few hours, no further detail to be provided.  Let me say, those jailmates are as unfamiliar with this white guy and his culture as he was with their culture.  Underneath all of the bs bravado of hittin’ that pussy is a culture very tired of having to front.  Grown men still acting like teenagers   happens everywhere but in Bed-Stuy it is acute.

Alessandro  | 27/04  |  03:47 AM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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