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Steve Stiffbone | 20/03 |  | 

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uuuuummmmm…yeah….uuuuuhhhh…...ok then

donkey  | 20/03  |  05:51 PM

heheh…she’ll be able to f*ck an elephant :D

daniel p  | 20/03  |  06:22 PM

MOM, what are you doing

01011010  | 20/03  |  08:05 PM

Cunt punching… Thats wild.

blahblah  | 21/03  |  03:45 AM

Damn why do women do this to themselves??? And whats the fun 4 the guy, he still got on his cloths. Just fuck the shit out of her dont fistfuck the shit out of her or does your fist cum too?

macmaster  | 21/03  |  07:42 AM

its a new karakter from the MUPPET SHOW

kermit  | 21/03  |  11:26 AM

@macmaster - It’s called “giving”. It’s when we do something without immediate reciprocation from the receiving person. You might want to look it up.

Eg. I “give” my girlfriend oral sex without her “giving” me oral sex at the same time, or at all at that time.

TH  | 21/03  |  11:38 AM

uppercunt (pronounced up her cunt)

or in dutch uppercut (pronounced op ‘er kut)

sjaak van de overkant  | 21/03  |  04:57 PM

Yep, the funniest video I have seen today. Still laughing!

Attu  | 21/03  |  06:18 PM

Yup, that’s exactly how you perform a home abortion.

boon  | 22/03  |  12:16 AM

@TH: What he giver her is a hole that can only be fucked by an elephant… STUPID. He should ‘give’ her his dick, but probably he got a little pencildick like you!!!

macmaster  | 22/03  |  09:56 AM


Fungo  | 22/03  |  11:06 AM

would still like to fuck her…..

bet she loves every sort of sexual act

robbo1  | 22/03  |  06:43 PM

Fisting WTF, why would anyone enjoy this. A woman with a huge cunt is not a thrill for me, and I am a ginger baldie.

phil keys  | 23/03  |  10:34 AM

I would seriously would like to see her cunt as soon he pulls out his arm. I think you could see the ovaries and maybe, some brain!

xessio  | 23/03  |  11:01 PM

I would seriously like to see some pics of her cunt after he pulls of his hole arm out; maybe we could see the ovaries and some brain, I guess.
Great fun, I suppose.

xessio  | 23/03  |  11:03 PM

I would love to see some pics or something after he pulls out his whole arm; I guess one would see her ovaries and maybe the BRAIN.
My gOD, this must be fun!

xessio  | 23/03  |  11:05 PM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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