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Guys cum on news anchor

Is there any news today?

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Steve Stiffbone | 17/12 |  | 

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whas this a test?
or a carrier change…lol

i couldnt tell…

chuckie_da_dad  | 17/12  |  11:10 AM

now that’s entertainment

Willy Wanka  | 17/12  |  06:56 PM

So thats what it sounds like trying to read the news with a mouth full of cum.

the_Noid  | 17/12  |  07:35 PM

this makes sense ... its december !! and she is the autentic living christmas three covered in cum !

Gerah  | 18/12  |  03:16 AM

Can some give me the video link

so i can save it

Virus  | 18/12  |  04:18 AM

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahah id watch the news so much more if i saw this shit

MhaPhew  | 18/12  |  06:17 AM

Women of the world—mucilaginous strings of semen ARE the new ear-rings. wink

Can you imagine that BBC newsreader with the Slavic surname—Natasha Kaplinsky, reading the news with strings of cum dripping from her mouth…funnily enough, I can…

eyepopper  | 18/12  |  02:52 PM

i don´t understand a word. LOL

devillars  | 21/12  |  04:27 PM

you gotta love the japanese!! Its ok to cum on a newsreader, but they have to pixelate their dicks!!!

tubby beaver  | 26/12  |  08:48 PM

post nuke generation does it show????lololol

incesent evil  | 15/01  |  01:17 PM

Fucking news! lol But it’s sexy, especially when u think that thats just the beginning of that scene, usually the japs won’t stop ‘til she’s cum covered all over! Yeah, TV News need to be more exciting! wink

TheHase  | 01/06  |  03:53 PM

QUOTE: Can some give me the video link

so i can save it
Virus | 18/12 |  03:18 AM


VIRUS LOVER  | 22/06  |  04:04 AM

okay that has to be the weirdest stupidest thing I’ve seen in a goddamn long time….

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