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Kim Kardashian Doggy Style

we are getting more and more. Come on, someone get us that full tape.

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Willy Wanka | 09/02 |  | 

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nice!! i wouldnt mind giving her a tip..

goozoo49  | 09/02  |  08:25 PM

i can’t wait for the rest of this video! ray-j is actually fuckin sexy as hell in this clip…i need him to pound me like that….and yeah i’m a dude! so the fuck what!!!! ray-j can get it!!!!!

macfac  | 10/02  |  06:43 AM

Posted both videos day before yesterday but admins deletd my comment and the link to the these video for no reason. Delete this comment too. 


MMS World  | 10/02  |  06:35 PM

If anybody want to download the tit clip and the above clip. here is the link

MMS World  | 10/02  |  06:37 PM

Why is she wearing a bra whilst doing this?

Anony  | 11/02  |  09:34 PM

Does anyone know the song playing in the background - makes me wanna…..mmmm…. ((((Ray-J))))

Kay  | 12/02  |  03:17 AM

wut possition iz dat called

bill  | 17/12  |  03:34 AM

Whyinthefuck didn’t he fuck her in her ass?? I mean, the chick has one of the biggest largest fat asses in the world, so why not fuck her in her big, fat large lard ass? It would have been a classic ass-fuck scene of all times!

Ass Man  | 10/09  |  12:55 AM

her ass was already too sore from
the night b4

holeass  | 20/06  |  06:09 AM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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