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Kim Kardashian’s Pussy

little by little the picture becomes complete

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Willy Wanka | 12/02 |  | 

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Nice, its about bloody time too:)

Legless  | 12/02  |  06:23 PM

It would be much nicer had it not been for that fat headed Coon in the picture with her.

ADH  | 12/02  |  06:38 PM

ADH is an ingnorant sun of a bitch, hating on that ‘fat headed coon’ cuz the only pussy he can get a sniff at is his own!

Anti_Ignorant_Pricks_Like ADH  | 12/02  |  07:00 PM

I don’t care that he is black, I just think the lipping smaking and cheesdick shit that comes out of his mouth is annoying as fuck..I also have never heard of this guy and imagine he is behind this video. I would probably thank him too if he wasn’t in it.

lipsmaker  | 12/02  |  07:53 PM

I fink that macaroon is wot ahd sez he is, and ugly wiv it. I fink her mum an dad are reely proud of her and her fick mackeroon feller.

Billy  | 12/02  |  08:15 PM

Let’s all spell exactly like we talk !

JJK  | 12/02  |  10:44 PM

Bunch of racist cock suckers on this site…Go out and get some real pussy im posting my pics up here next week

Castro  | 13/02  |  09:38 AM

Apparently, this tape is going to include a bit of watersports, peeing on eachother n shit….

not my cup of tea…

Danny  | 13/02  |  12:15 PM

While racism is always appreciated, I have to wonder. Who the FUCK actually refers to black people as ‘coons’? I mean, seriously, what, are you from the Wild West?

death4hire  | 13/02  |  01:45 PM

That brother is rushing his god damm black nuts off! Listen n you can hear him gurning! Prob why the video is so fucking shite!!!

Wig  | 13/02  |  04:05 PM

he’s very very fit! you all must be jealous he’s getting some of that and you aren’t!

lex  | 14/02  |  02:37 AM

kill fascists, fuck rascists.

neat lil pussy tho

unfunfbrap  | 15/02  |  03:24 AM

nigga aint no akabusi

Peter Gill  | 17/02  |  09:53 PM

Hello. And Bye. smile

kookimebux  | 01/02  |  09:07 PM

Na her pussy looks all fucked up what the fuck is wrong with it itz all SAGGY n shit that fuckin sick and I wonder y She is shy about it??

Danny  | 15/06  |  06:26 AM

Danny, you must be on some serious drugs. That is as perfect as s pussy can look. I don’t think you have ever seen a real life pussy if you think that’s what a saggy pussy look like. The lips are tight and smooth. Looks to be 10/10 mint condition. I think you just prefer mens’ assholes or are just yankin’ our chains. If that’s not a perfect pussy show me a better one. Good look finding one. lol.

Corey  | 05/01  |  10:47 AM

not any more shes got poor taste in men what good is a big dick if you cant hang with the pussy

Nonya  | 12/01  |  05:58 AM

Exclusio Video: Kim Kardashian Nude ( VIDEO )

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Enjoy!!! She pretty sexy….

fasermben  | 10/06  |  04:17 PM

Niggas, you be like…dumb as fuck.  You even type ghetto.  I’d like to Axe you a question.  Why are you so fucking stupid compared to the rest of the US population?  Why are your neighborhoods always the shittiest?  Mexican neighborhoods always look much better than yours.  You’re a bunch of fucking jungle monkeys with no possibility for ever becoming equals to the rest of the world’s races.  Stay Ghetto Nigga’s…you’ll never be anything else but the bottom of the barrel.

White  | 03/07  |  03:42 AM

thats a very tight pussy whoever wouldn’t fuck that is either gay or a eunuch!

zerger  | 15/08  |  06:16 PM

BFD. Nothing special hear. Kim is a fatty and the pussy is big. You can find better in any decent bar or mall.

Johnny Tang  | 27/09  |  05:04 AM

I’d fucking eat the hell out of that pussy and ass.

John  | 10/02  |  07:07 PM

@faserbmen or whatever. Since niggas are so dumb and jungle monkeys an all why you try to talk like you hood< I bet your mamma didn’t tell you that she had some black up in her so therefore you have some black in you! Everything you say, wear and even the way you speak are all influenced by blacks. We set the bar for eveything, we take corny shit and make it the next big thing!How many times have you used black terminology today? So check yourself bitchboy and drop that dumb ass racist shit at the door, remember to ask your mommy who your daddy is and don’t ask all surprised when the truth hit ya! Have a nice day!:)

smashface  | 19/02  |  12:13 AM

nice pussy girl THUMBS UP !!!!:)

jacob  | 12/04  |  10:34 AM

i don’t like because any little hairy there…

write  | 05/05  |  05:14 AM

916 753 2138 kim kardaxhian please call big dick jerome from the bat mixed wit black mex indian

jerome blalelewis  | 26/06  |  12:10 PM

EEEEWWWWWWW she fuked a niger

nikki  | 02/09  |  12:24 PM

i haven´t read all your post, but during the recent, I think I have read a majority of your posts and I have learned a lot.

Assipswhign  | 02/02  |  12:43 PM

The coal-faced dumb fuck didn’t even open up her inner thighs and pussy wide, so that “my highness” could see her inner, outer labia, clitoral hood and vagina opening.

Dumb fuck nigger, learn to document things properly!

Wiseman  | 01/03  |  06:18 PM


Shut the fuck up, nigger!

Wiseman  | 01/03  |  06:22 PM

Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Carl Lewis, Mohammad Ali, etc are/were respectful human beings. They did something worthy with their lives and inspired millions.

Coal faced fucks like snoop dog, the nebbish featured in this video, the escapist hip-hop/ganster/druglord/addict/monkey nigger punk and those condoning him on this site ARE monkeys!

The coal-faced excuses for human lives have contributed to a global dumbing down of the world’s youth with their hip-hop/gangster crap. They should all be hung!

Wiseman  | 01/03  |  06:40 PM

this girl has game, takes alot of effort to take a big black dick without any hand spit. she should also buy some shares in KY.. so coppa da dick good..

bomber  | 13/03  |  02:18 PM

I think black people are like monkeys. They are ugly and talk like shit. All very stupid, ignorant and ugly. That is a fact.

Kim, well at the end of the day she will realize this, she goes with black because she is just dumb, she thinks it’s cool or believes in myths.

Seriously though don’t black people give you the impression of a monkey or gorilla? Look at there head and neck and mouth. It is not a problem at all, just fact is a fact. Monkey are nuts and crazy in the jungle, black people? Well take a look at rap and the way they act on the streets.

Kim is just trying with all her might. She will lose though.

Bye people.

Tom Bond  | 16/03  |  12:35 AM

What a bunch of racist idiots. I hope your moms are all dead.

Izzy  | 21/04  |  08:19 AM

Not clearly

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