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Miss Universe Sex Tapes Sextape Part 2

A sex tape which allegedly shows two Miss Universe delegates in a threesome (NSFW) with a man has surfaced causing huge embarrassment to the Miss Universe franchise. The two delegates rumored to be in the sex tape are Miss Japan Universe 2008 (Hiroko Mima) and Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe 2008 (Anya Ayoung Chee). Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

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Steve Stiffbone | 15/11 |  | 

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It´s Anya Ayoung Chee sucking, she has the same tattoo on her hip. Check it out at this page:

locoboy  | 15/11  |  09:51 PM

and again…some how this bitch, cunt, whore is going to find some asshole to marry her and call her “wife”.

this is why women deserve all the labels when they do shit like this and get caught on tape

araca  | 27/01  |  02:33 AM

lol locoboy, everyone fucks, and cause shes messing around with her boyfriend and giving him his fantasy this upsets you? lol what are you a virgin? this shit happens everyday, get over it, its just sex you prude weird motherfucker lol

trojan  | 28/05  |  04:54 PM

@locoboy: Shit, I’ll marry her. Or, I would if I wasn’t married already.

Get over it. Sex is fun. I feel sorry for the women you date if you think this is somehow bad behavior. LOL

Billy Ownens  | 22/10  |  03:25 AM

That was totally hot.  So her next man will be one lucky mofo. Everyone should live out they’re sexual fantasies as long as nobody gets hurt.

Openmindedmarriedguy  | 25/10  |  06:19 PM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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