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Miss Universe Sex Tapes Sextape Part 4

A sex tape which allegedly shows two Miss Universe delegates in a threesome (NSFW) with a man has surfaced causing huge embarrassment to the Miss Universe franchise. The two delegates rumored to be in the sex tape are Miss Japan Universe 2008 (Hiroko Mima) and Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe 2008 (Anya Ayoung Chee). Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

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Steve Stiffbone | 15/11 |  | 

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This guy gets two pagent queens up the butt in the same session?! That’s got to be some kind of record.

taconazo  | 16/11  |  06:23 AM

that dude is the fuckin’ man.

Matt  | 16/11  |  09:13 AM

This man have to write a good field report and post it !

WowMan  | 16/11  |  11:35 AM

Anyone else notice the asian chick in part 2 is a totally different person from this video. look at face and tits. Video 2 has a hot asian with nice juicy tits, the girl in this vid has tiny tits and totally different face. Still great vids though

b;underbuss  | 17/11  |  06:07 AM

my bad, i guess it shows me for typing while waiting for the second half of this f**king video to load. not that i can blame slow loading for my pre-emptive comment, but i do! ha

blunderbuss  | 17/11  |  06:13 AM


This is not Hiroko Mima,It’s gossip.Facial skeleton and skin color, all different sizes, such as breast, she is just a child somewhere in Southeast Asia

unnamed  | 17/11  |  11:08 PM

Okay, I have proof she ain’t Japanese! Her genitals aren’t all pixelated!

horrorview  | 18/11  |  12:39 AM

anyone know where you can download this from ?

Sampson  | 18/11  |  06:53 AM

Way too tight for the gajin cock.

jimmy  | 19/11  |  07:12 PM

why is this guy wasteing his time with japan, trinidad is lightyears hotter.

doingitlive  | 19/11  |  08:55 PM

I was in Nha Trang in ‘08 at the time of the pageant… even went up to the building but they wouldn’t let me in
- all sold out :s
2 bad miss T&T :p
anywayz I guess this guy has money! I mean what else can it be…. no really; what else?

Poo-purt  | 27/11  |  01:02 AM

lucky bastard!

Ricky  | 26/12  |  05:41 AM


MR.MEANCOCC  | 03/01  |  03:24 PM

What a strange set of feelings set off by this vid.

1) the girls are pretty hot.

2) the guy looks like some crack head they pulled off the corner.

3) how the fuck did he get them both together?

4) these whores are going to find some guy to marry them some day.

5) yuck

6) would I hit it? fuck no.

ubaleva  | 27/01  |  02:04 AM

It’s clear opinions differ, but still…
Who else in this world has non-candid-camera video-proof of a threesome between him (or her) and 2 (alleged) Miss Universe delegates (not doing it against their will <and> a full package) ?

Who even dreamt that far ? smile)

al3x  | 17/04  |  12:36 AM

Classy ladies.

Dude looks like a guy every parent warns their daughters about. And he is.

Norbit  | 21/07  |  05:57 AM

Wow, these girls could make a killing doing porn.

They should get signed by an angency on the double. Just the fact that they were named the most beautiful girl in their countries and among the most beautiful in the world, porn companies would print millions of DVD’s boasting about their status.

Somebody who knows  | 03/08  |  08:33 PM

hayden is better 3 girls

baronrouge  | 12/09  |  03:56 PM

Real or not, that guy is one lucky fucker!

MaxiM  | 26/10  |  01:30 PM

ui q vídeo porno bom

joao  | 18/12  |  12:31 AM

Sorry to ruin your dreams but check out the entry in Asian on 16/04 entitled Asian Hooker gets it in the ass.

Spoiler  | 14/12  |  07:45 AM

The editor does not seem to get it!!! You showed part 4 eight months ago describing the girls as hookers. Methinks if you continue to advertise them as Miss Universe contestants we will all be paying Donald Trump to view totallynsfw in the not to distant future. He will take you for all that you have.

spoiler  | 22/12  |  05:58 PM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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