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Nude for the pizza guy

And he is gay!

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King Cum | 22/11 |  | 

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I get the joke but turning her down obviously doesn’t make him gay. There’s lots of reasons for his answer that it’s not even necessary to mention any.

Rick  | 22/11  |  06:16 PM

what bullshit. I delivered pizzas in my prime and never once got offered a bj for a pizza. everyone thought it happened all the time, but it didn’t.

mike  | 22/11  |  06:47 PM

I honestly don’ know if I would say yes or no…

...on the one hand, DAMN!

...on the other, there could be a big dude with a fire axe in the other room.

Malacro  | 22/11  |  07:57 PM

Shes got an odd shaped body if you ask me, I would also turn her down.. Just because shes female doesn’t mean if you say no you must be gay!

Cam Girl  | 22/11  |  08:28 PM

odd shaped body?  yeah you’d turn her down- because you’re a homo too…and a spammer

ghaster  | 22/11  |  11:15 PM

If I get a blow job for the pizza, then I have to pay it out of pocket. I’ve been working and my balls are sweaty, not going to do that to the lady. Big dude with axe in other room. Bunch of fags who want to rape me in other room. I have 3 other pizzas to deliver and I can not get a blowjob and then take cold late pizzas to people.But please come to the door naked and if you like me, maybe Ill come over after I get off or If you are burning it down offer me some.Thanks

MTS  | 23/11  |  12:53 AM

What’s weird about her body…? she doesn’t have a dick. lol

humpty  | 23/11  |  01:51 AM

maybe he already got 3 blowjobs on his delivery run and he’s chafing too much to get it up again yet

joan crawford  | 23/11  |  04:53 AM

Obviously she was up to something slightly nefarious as she was secretly filming it. A video of of yourself getting a blowjob and having the video shown online is something most would like to avoid…

In that situation, I would probably have to say no, but later on I think I would consider going back unannounced, see what happens then.

Charles  | 23/11  |  09:00 AM

Now that’s the way I would do it too Joan ! Pretty smart!

Vincent Maloney  | 23/11  |  11:05 AM

what do you want a video of yourself online GIVING a blowjob?

humpty  | 24/11  |  02:30 AM

Can’t blame the guy for turning it down, it’s just WAY too ackward of a situation.  In today’s society you never know what people are up to & this just proves it, HAD he taken it he would have been all over the internet, lost his job & his girl.  Good for him & not “gay” at all.

JustSomeGuy  | 28/11  |  05:46 PM

maybe she has herpes in her mouth and she wants to spread it dunno its crazy nowadays

2cool  | 22/12  |  05:52 PM

There’s one really big reason why you shouldn’t.

“Chama-chama-chama-chlamydia, it come and goes. It comes and goes.”

Mr Rogers  | 23/12  |  02:34 AM

Only lame ass fags that get no pussy would say they wouldnt hit it!!! Wingstop Bitch!!!!

Big Nels  | 27/12  |  12:33 AM

Who wants a BJ from some hoe who’s likely to give u an STD.  That dude probably has a real woman.

Mister T  | 27/12  |  03:08 AM

A week after the BJ, his dick would probably look like the pizza he just delivered. Skank juice will do that to you.

Beaner  | 14/01  |  06:26 PM

could be the guys married or could be his ex girlfriend my ex gf used to do that to me all the time when she knew i was working

bobby  | 23/01  |  04:27 AM

The audio is obviously scrubbed to remove portions of the opposite conversation.  She’s talking to someone else before pizza delivery guy shows up.  ‘I got lost in my yard’, did I hear that right??  Not sure what the full story is here but would like to find out.  Don’t blame the dude for declining, I suspect they scrubbed out him saying he was married or something.

rational guy  | 10/02  |  06:32 PM

Just for shits and giggles i would immediately turn around and go call the police. She would be put on the sex offenders registry immediately and have her life ruined by it. It’s not like she’s hot or anything to be offering a blowjob, lol..

Smithy  | 22/02  |  03:03 AM

This definitely some “Cheaters” type shit here, thats why the camera on and thats why you hear her say “she won’t know” obviously he knew he was being set up! good he didn’t take the bait.

blunt  | 03/03  |  11:56 AM

its called having morals.

Charlie Murphy  | 13/02  |  01:16 PM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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