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Nude in Public - Squash

Seems like a good partner to play with

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King Cum | 23/02 |  | 

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That’s racketball the ghey American version of squash

maccauk  | 24/02  |  01:06 PM

she has a hot body and awesome tits yeah i would hot that.

rasputin666  | 24/02  |  05:23 PM

Geez. I never knew racketball was a spectator sport. And even a hot naked chick couldn’t get them any more than they usually get. Maybe should jump up and down in between serves??? Just a suggestion.

geez  | 05/07  |  11:46 PM

I guess this helps redefine the definition of the term “exhibition match” ha ha ha

did you (pay attention and) see the people outside who were looking in? their reaction was also very very funny!

if she’s good with balls…

DB  | 06/08  |  08:14 AM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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