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Paris Hilton Exposed… In The Bath

Paris In Bed. Paris didn't pay for storage of her things. The owner now tries to get his money back by selling her crap on But the material is also available here, here, here, here and here.

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Willy Wanka | 25/01 |  | 

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when are we going to get to see the video of her in the bath then when she isat lookig she gates her head cut off, id really like that one

kaon  | 25/01  |  05:01 PM

i like the fact that she tries to ignore him..

Hehe  | 25/01  |  05:16 PM

Total and utter skank, imagine the diseases you’d catch from it.

Danny  | 25/01  |  05:26 PM

Apparently she has Herpes..Doooorty trout!

Thedonn  | 25/01  |  05:33 PM

stds or not id nob her!!!

milesy  | 25/01  |  06:01 PM

Am I the only person here who actually gets turned on by seeing her naked?

Anony  | 25/01  |  06:57 PM

You’re not alone Anony! I think she’s lush.

Herbie  | 25/01  |  07:22 PM

She’s actually the kind of little bitch that I’d have a month long relationship and let her snort cocaine from my cockend before making my cock turn green with her diseased pussy.

The little wench.

Mick  | 25/01  |  07:29 PM

due has any one got the links for all of these, please post this share wear crap takes the piss, the reason this site rocks is you can just click and watch….please post the entire video

scott wills  | 25/01  |  07:45 PM

Nice bath

Mooga  | 26/01  |  01:03 AM

Just how stupid is she? The woman seems to always be naked wherever there is a camera. Maybe we should label her as something more appropriate, say a glamour girl :D

BitByte  | 26/01  |  08:35 AM

you can download all videos from

pobrecito  | 26/01  |  01:43 PM

Sounds like a different bloke behind the camera. Does she let every mongoloid with a camera tape her anemic ass? She’s like the Golden Gate Bridge: every one who comes to town gets a picture.
Ever notice that her “oops” released vids are A)deserving of no more than a hard “R” Rating in the States (think Basic Instinct) and B) always surface when media attention shifts away from Ms. Hilton. The twat has money, and little else to offer. Even if she got rogered by an atomic Robot Santa Claus in these vids, I’d be bored. There’s a million clones of this cunt running around, and most of them don’t spread the crotch-fires.

The Oakland Branch  | 28/01  |  08:09 AM

Actually, I’ll have to give her props for the fact that with all that money she hasn’t yet dropped a load to have her breasts enlarged.  I’m impressed with that.  Fake breasts are such a turn off when looking at some chest that looks like it has two halfs of a cantelope attached and doesn’t even move naturally.  She hasn’t succumbed and that a brownie point for her.  Though she’s not bad looking she’s just another trust fund baby that contributes nothing to society save wasted time.  You know, like I’m doing right now…....

DuvalDem  | 29/01  |  01:42 AM

She’s actually really pretty without make-up.

Iris  | 04/02  |  03:34 AM

wouldnt touch her wiv yours

jimmy fingers  | 05/02  |  10:43 AM

all that money, all that wealth, & she’s still a fucking misreable b.i.t.c.h.

donny big bollox  | 05/02  |  10:46 AM

id’ bang her… raspberry i think she’s hot..

viscus  | 05/02  |  01:54 PM

I think she’s hot and I loved that little second were he filmed her pussy. God damn, I wud have banged her so HARD!

xcv  | 31/05  |  11:37 PM

hmmm i dont get turned on by her i like huge tits

pele  | 28/02  |  07:37 PM

id let her suck my cock then id bust a load right on her face and let her taste it

ahhahahaha  | 01/04  |  12:47 PM

id let her suck my cock then id bust a load right on her face and let her taste it

ahhahahaha  | 01/04  |  12:48 PM

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