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Porn at Carnaval Brazil

They know how to party!

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King Cum | 23/05 |  | 

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where’s the rest of it?

jqp  | 23/05  |  11:15 PM

funny shit. Too bad there are not subs….

hax  | 24/05  |  12:55 AM

Brazil Got Talent?

leigh  | 24/05  |  03:30 AM

I don’t speak Portugese, but the bitch sounds funny wink

Duuude  | 24/05  |  10:02 AM

The presenter looks a bit like the Brazilian Gillian McKeith!

Dan  | 25/05  |  05:06 AM

Strange….I live in Brazil, I go to any party during the carnaval. Off course you found hundreds of girls that just become sluts in this period (I relly don´t know why), and almost every time you get one of these girls you gonna score.
But, man…this kind of party is not real! I never found a party like that!! This kind of groupal fucking festival is made by the pornography industry, and you have to pay a lot of cash to get in. Believe, Brazil is not so “sexy” like that…

Thanatos  | 25/05  |  05:50 AM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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