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Russian Rap Video


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King Cum | 02/03 |  | 

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it’s not russian for sure, it sounds like polish, but anyway LOL

s  | 02/03  |  05:56 PM

i guess they dont have good looking hookers in their country

ss  | 02/03  |  06:23 PM

I think I just barfed in my mouth

pim vink  | 02/03  |  06:25 PM

i can tell you guys, this shit is not from Russia, our babes much nicer!

wiseguy  | 02/03  |  07:29 PMík—Drti?-sanic-3000-18

it’s not polish for sure. i think it’s czech.

dodawacz  | 02/03  |  09:16 PM

I think it’s great of the kids mum to help him out making a music video

Fred  | 02/03  |  09:47 PM

definately not rape.

loolioo  | 03/03  |  03:03 AM

Holy shit I used to have that Redrum T-shirt. Whatever nationality this guy is he’s a Juggalo. I used to be into that music scene (ICP/Psychopathic Records). It’s an American Rap underground label. This guys wearing nothing but their merchandise all throughout the video. They’re very good at brainwashing youth. Apparently they’ve reached overseas as well.

etom  | 03/03  |  03:56 AM

napewno to nie polski jezyk! ale teledysk kozak! heh

szpejk9  | 03/03  |  04:09 PM

It´s czech, for sure!

fucker  | 03/03  |  05:12 PM

It’s that rare blend of the worst white rap combined with the worst porn! It’s an Awfulorama!  Bravo!!

BFWB  | 03/03  |  07:09 PM

She must be married to the guy. He lets her piss on him.

3FootLizard  | 07/03  |  08:57 AM

“napewno to nie polski jezyk! ale teledysk kozak!”

I’m guessing that “kozak” means “Czech”. Polish and Czech are very similar languages if this is czech because a friend taught me some Polish and most of that sentence was perfectly understandable to me.

Correct me if I’m wrong but its something along the lines of: “Its not Polish. Its Czech” (I know for certain nie = no Polskie = Polish).

Anon  | 20/03  |  01:04 AM

Just watched it again, kurwa is Polish for bitch, I’m thinking this is Polish.

Anon  | 20/03  |  01:08 AM

it’s not russian , neither it is polish. you should know netter - russian woman are gorgeous! it sounds little bit like romanian…

kjh  | 27/04  |  05:02 AM

This shit is surely Czech, but there is a lot of beautiful women grin Maybe he could not afford better hooker :-D

Razchuck  | 02/08  |  03:57 PM

“napewno to nie polski jezyk! ale teledysk kozak!”

he’s sayin smth like its not polish, but the video is ____(slang)

wack  | 02/08  |  05:35 PM

It is russian you dumb fuck…

Seba  | 02/08  |  10:42 PM

this is from Czech !!! and lol..

viso  | 02/08  |  10:53 PM

100% Czech Asi to vim ne kurva! Iam from Czech Republic vy kokoti.

Dawosz  | 03/08  |  12:47 AM

Tohle je ?esky !

Geni  | 03/08  |  10:21 AM

It’s not Polish. I’m sure.
Jestem z Polski i to na pewno nie mój j?zyk.

Raziel  | 07/08  |  06:21 PM

This is definitely NOT russian OR polish.. my guess it that its Georgian or as other people said Czech. Either way it’s fucking stupidly funny! And I bet that girl is one of those retards girlfriend.. damn Juggalos taking over the planet hahahahaha

Bellz  | 14/08  |  01:02 AM

this is czech u dumbfucks from usa

Honza  | 14/08  |  11:16 AM

when they say woop woop you know it was a juggalo

but what are Czech doing with hatchet man on?

the hat and jacket have the psychopathic hatchet man on it.

like bellz was saying:

JUGGALO GUNMAN  | 18/08  |  05:52 AM

CZECH HORRORCORE RAP.. not fucking russian.. correct it

majkyno  | 19/08  |  05:31 AM

ok ok it is not all that bad tho (the song) i bet they can rap

JUGGALO GUNMAN  | 19/08  |  06:52 AM

It’s not Polish. It’s either Czech or Slovakian. Polish are not that stupid. I’m one of them. Fuck ppl learn some languages. Kurwa is used in so many Slavic languages. Dumb .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Polaka  | 22/08  |  02:41 AM

icp is suddenly underground?
yeah right. stupid motherfucker.

m  | 29/09  |  04:40 AM’s not Russian.. I’m almost ashamed to say that but It’s Czech :D but that bitch is BUTT UGLY! wow I had no idea those things could happen..and what’s worse, in my country :D but seriously, WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?!

Jake Straka  | 20/03  |  02:38 AM

este es un insulto al rap rusos de mierda!

adasd  | 09/07  |  03:55 AM

Its Polish, CCCP people know that oure Girls Look whay Hotter



CCCP  | 28/12  |  03:48 AM

its not russian, it is czech horror core rap!!!!

cab  | 04/06  |  02:54 PM

It’s not Polish for sure it’s Czech U dumbass from USA!!!!!!!!!

ans  | 25/12  |  08:50 PM

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