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Stranger on the Toilet

The best porn movie ever!

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Steve Stiffbone | 08/02 |  | 

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How can she ever come if he keeps sticking it in the wrong hole??

Joop Knoop  | 08/02  |  07:00 PM

What is the name of this movie, or the actress?!  I used to love this one on a porn site that I go to, but I can’t ever remember what it’s called.

LoKVeo  | 08/02  |  10:30 PM

@Joop Knoop: You got to be kidding me? Never fucked a girl in her ass?

de proleet  | 09/02  |  12:40 AM

Fantastic, this should be a compulsory training film for all young bitches. In 17 minutes and 54 seconds he never once bothers with her cunt. First she gets to lick his balls and take his cock down her throat, then he rams her repeatedly up the ass until he’s ready to spray her all over her face and even in her eyes!

The best bit is where she’s kneeling on the hard tiles with her face on the dirty toilet floor, ass gaping wide… And at the end she has to express her thanks by taking his cock straight from her ass into her slutty little mouth!
Love it!

hardmacnhine  | 10/02  |  03:11 PM

I found it!  It’s Naughty Little Nymphos #15.

LoKVeo  | 10/03  |  08:08 PM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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