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King Cum | 03/03 |  | 

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Thats one ugly lady but she is a keeper as long as she suck dick like that. WOW

Geastwood  | 09/03  |  06:14 AM

lool looks so weid and lol she got a cum moustache raspberry

horatio  | 14/03  |  01:22 AM

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but what is the deal with really hot kccihs not knowing or thinking they are hot?It’s not a self esteem thing, as you seem quite confident. You’re also intelligent; easily derived from your work and words. So, is it just a figure of speech,  so to speak? A bit of self depricatng hyperbole to indicate just how (attractive/talented/smart/et ceteta) one thinks another is?I see such things more and more these days, so it’s not just you as an isolated case, but I’m curious.Yep. Random post by old guy on dah Interwebz

Jaakko  | 16/03  |  10:33 AM

Hi Dale. He is a fascinating oserpn   it’s refreshingly rare to come across individuals in birding who are so unapologetically sure that what they’re doing is right, and who then go on and prove it! It would be good to talk to Richard again when the next books come out

Edna  | 18/03  |  07:13 AM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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