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Steve Stiffbone | 02/03 |  | 

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Nothing to see for about 24 hours now..damn thing won’t load.

pien  | 03/03  |  10:29 AM

Got it to run. PBS’s ‘Nova’ program did the thing with the internal cameras during the 1980s.  They got a porn actress to stick a camera inside her and filmed the guy ejaculating. The video still shows up in some sex-ed courses.

Problem is, the actress they used was Traci Lords.  So even though all you see is wet pink tissue, kids all across America are being taught about sex with what is officially child porn.

bfwb  | 04/03  |  04:34 AM

where can i get a vid like this for my pc? i know there are others like it made (not a tracey lords fan anyhow).

wes  | 17/09  |  09:25 PM


geez  | 11/06  |  06:33 PM

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