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Teen sex in shop changing room

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King Cum | 08/07 |  | 

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hey guys have you changed your video codec or something… i cant seem to view the vids…. HELP! im backing up:)

batfastard  | 09/07  |  09:42 AM

Why isn’t the bitch swallowing? Saves ya a lot of mess.

4$$h0l3  | 09/07  |  11:20 AM

No they changed the way the video loads, and now I just can’t watch it right. I used to download the vid using Safari for Mac, but now I can’t and their video player is tooooooooooooooo slow to watch anything…
Plzzzz do something, give us a link to watch those videos faster.

Mrik  | 09/07  |  04:16 PM

OK…. What is the fucking problem with you guys, are you insane, this player sucks, is toooooooooooo slow,get the old one back pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….. or chuck norris will know

kerman  | 10/07  |  02:43 AM

the only thing that bothers me with this new player is the fact that i cant just “rewind” to see the loaded part of it, it will always “reload” it.. please come back to the older player :/

augusto  | 10/07  |  05:29 PM

The old player sucked, since it was not able to skip to a later part. It first had to load the whole movie. With the new player we can skip to the best parts! Please keep this new player!

wanker001  | 12/07  |  11:02 AM

Both players sucked.  This is the slowest video site out there.  IT always has great videos, but they are so painful to wait for I never even get to watch most of them.

me  | 15/07  |  12:17 AM

Yeah, yeah, yeah heard it all before.  She had on the same shoes at an event the same day the pics were lakeed ..coincidence ??And ya’ll just gonna ban every word in the English language that contains the letters a*s*s???  #blogfail

Deepika  | 16/03  |  03:41 PM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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