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The Biggest Dick In The World?

Whoa! What the fuck is that!?

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 | 29/05 |  | 

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why? why do they do fakeness like this, when the real thing is hotter and we don’t feel cheated by watching?

cogerman  | 30/05  |  04:37 PM

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

tariq  | 31/05  |  07:19 AM

I cannot see one single clip in this site ... I don’t know why?

Hamadah2006  | 22/07  |  12:17 PM

The only thing I am seing always is this avatar ... no clips.. Maybe this site is block in my location ...

Hamadah2006  | 22/07  |  12:21 PM

its not real….its called “freaks of cock” and its a couple guys using dildos and pumping a white cream through it for the cumshot scenes.  Ive seen pics where you can tell…notice how it bends and also how he ALWAYS has a hand holding it at the base!

dmcgee622  | 03/11  |  12:20 AM

Fake as hell!

geez  | 30/11  |  05:02 PM

Lol, that was a milk mixture that was “ejaculated” onto her face..not real.

Jessica  | 07/06  |  08:17 AM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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