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Toilet Sex

Do you reckon there's a bloke outside in a wheelchair, dying for a piss?

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 | 11/02 |  | 

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Looks like she has a rash around her pussy!

Bob Kelso  | 11/02  |  11:51 PM

Ok is it really neede to get naked in a public toilet to fuck? i mean what if you need to dash fast. and good choice throw your panties on the piss staind floor and out them back on….lol

Brandi Deagler  | 12/02  |  02:21 AM

yuk awful, stop fucking in public toilets girl, u will bcom even more ugly, u r right she has got a rash around her pubes from fucking there

goozoo49  | 12/02  |  10:38 AM

Why are these public sex videos are always from Germany ?! :D

We know to fuck!

Aeon  | 12/02  |  01:33 PM

Fucken sick german cunts doing it in disabled toilet!

Aaron  | 12/02  |  03:11 PM

You guys whinging about rashes etc are obviously not old enough to shave - start whining after puberty smile

I’m more worried about how tight she’s grabbing.. taking the choke-the-chicken a bit too literally!

bobo  | 12/02  |  06:03 PM

Hells no, f*cking german, totally psychoe to make it in a disabled toilet! Laaateeee!

Wootahman  | 13/02  |  04:11 AM

it is a great fuck, though a little gross that it was in a public bathroom…

dave21  | 03/07  |  08:19 AM

/    Kristina is a beautiful hard wrkniog woman an I am blessed to even talk to her. Very nice I applaud her! I would kill to have a woman like her by my side and im not saying it just cuz of her looks! Great job Baby!!

Paula  | 16/03  |  08:34 PM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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