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Two teen babes giving it a go together


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King Cum | 05/03 |  | 

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nice.  shaved is always better!!!

imdickshaver  | 07/03  |  12:05 AM

@totally nsfw
where is the fucking rest from the video, ends at the best point :(
all your videos are only half, fuck that

baba  | 08/03  |  02:56 AM

It cuts off because its a girls gone wild video. I have it =P

dude  | 14/03  |  06:54 AM

Where’s part 2????

marky606  | 14/03  |  09:20 PM

I wanna see more! Is it a Club Seventeen vid?

dondiego  | 15/03  |  03:07 PM

Hi . I m french, I m 24 . First, I apgioolze for my bad english .I m working on a personal graphic novel and I think I understand a part of what you re talking about .Since I was born (or maybe it started when I was 7 when I came to a new city), I always have been shy and I always have been afraid of what people could think of me .I began to study comics seriously for 4 years but at the beginning I was more into action scenes, funny situations and parody .And now that I m trying to tell a story, I fear again .But I m doing it alone and I enjoy It, so I keep going . The problem is I don t have any external point of view on my work .If I ask friends to read what I make . I m afraid of what friends could think about “the way I m thinking” . I would be more confident whith my really good friens but for this case, I m also afraid they could recognize parts of themselves into my characters . They could be hurts . So I had the idea of showing the work to totally strangers . And I ve been searching for a kind of english-speaking board/forums which talks about graphic novels and story telling . A place where people exchange and show their work . If you know some place like that I would really be pleased to know it smile .I already know about, but It s more focused on concept art, paintings and illustration .By the way, I ve been reading this blog for a certain time (perhaps 1 year) and he helped me to realize so many things . So thank you a lot smile . I can t wait to read your novel . Whith all those internet fans, It must be some kind of pression too .

Pang  | 28/04  |  12:51 AM

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