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UK Big Brother Tashie Jackson Sex Tape

You've got become famous somehow right? Tashie Jackson, former participant in the UK version of Big Brother likes a big brother in her time off too.

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 | 25/01 |  | 

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Tashie who? Yawn. Next dumb cunt please.

Meth Teeth's Sarcastic Brother  | 25/01  |  10:47 PM

Nice corn rows, douche!

floorguy  | 25/01  |  11:13 PM

Yawn indeed.  Boring as hell.

BigJ  | 25/01  |  11:25 PM

you all full of shit i would fuck her

richard  | 26/01  |  12:29 PM

who’s penis?..another down and out brother? or actually someone famous?

trumplet  | 26/01  |  12:49 PM

Hung?  He calls himself hung?

He is hung like a hamster.

What a slut and what a slime bag

Danny Cowee  | 26/01  |  02:53 PM

dumb attention seeking slut

robbie  | 27/01  |  02:06 PM

girl is very hot

moe  | 11/02  |  08:23 AM

Pleased to hear this. Jolie is so talented. A proesn I both respect and love. Can’t wait for her next film. The pop art painting I own of her is freakin’ awesome and will be hung on my wall forever!

Nanda  | 18/03  |  07:03 AM

Damn I would hit that !
And thanks for the Big Brother music too , it made the sex even sexier !

The BBC's Foreign Correspondent  | 22/03  |  04:50 PM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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