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Whoa! That’s A Big Ass

Ride it fatty!

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 | 22/04 |  | 

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where is the video at

albertogarcia2785  | 04/04  |  05:55 AM

No video here, that is painful.

KYJELLY  | 04/04  |  03:29 PM

Works here…

King Cum  | 22/04  |  10:24 PM

Quite an ass on this one… what’s up with the one latex glove?

BBChanning  | 23/04  |  04:48 AM

Two good things I see from this:

- Everyone can agree that the myth is broken regarding that all blacks are huge.

- Fat Chicks love anal. And if they ever say no, they are simply lying.

The_Jerk  | 09/05  |  09:55 PM

No, it’s just that:

1. _most_ Black guys are huge. The vast majority. This guy does have a weener. He is probably an outcast in the Black community. He is hittin’ that fat ass though, so at least he’s havin’ fun.

2. Fat chicks do love anal. If they deny it, they are lying.

sund1ata  | 03/06  |  02:30 PM

I like the anal, would love to be behind that ass…

dave21  | 03/07  |  05:24 AM

Gotta love a nice big ass, and she’s totally gonna get fisted (hence the glove).

“1. _most_ Black guys are huge. The vast majority.” Only black guys in porn, and sure some of them that aren’t probably. It’s a gimmick for the porn industry. This isn’t a professional video, so this cat isn’t big.

Homicidal Clown  | 13/09  |  11:33 AM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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