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She got dressed so quickly at the end looks like she got busted by her B/F or parents hehehehehe

Davidxxxxx  | 19/01  |  12:38 AM

To start with, my main concern for this latpop was the battery life. There didn’t seem to be much information online about how long the battery life actually was, all I found was a long battery life.  However on several sites it suggested only 2-3 hours.  In actuality, the battery life on this latpop is very good. With light usage (browsing internet, word processing, etc) it has been 6-8 hours. Watching a video etc is about 3-4 hours. It also doesn’t take very long to charge- about an hour. When stationary with a plug socket around, the battery can be taken out and the latpop run directly off the mains, preserving the battery. I couldn’t do this with my previous latpop. As for the outer look, this latpop appears to be very well built, although not too heavy. It doesn’t have the cheap plastic look that some (even more expensive latpops) have. It is black on the outer and dark grey on the inner. It is made of hard plastic- but it has a shiny new look, and is very smart and attractive. Although the outer is black, I’ve found it doesn’t collect too many fingerprints, though obviously they can’t be avoided entirely. The screen is the standard 15.6 glossy. It is LED, the quality is excellent and sharp, and it has a nice colour output. The size fits most videos too so there are no annoying black bars. And for the inner features- it comes with the new Sandy Bridge Intel Core i5 2410M 2.3GHz processor. My impressions of it so far are excellent. Having had a latpop with a Celeron, the i5 is very fast in comparison. It has yet to really struggle with anything- though I haven’t tried it yet with a processor heavy game I admit. Speaking of games, this latpop has a NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M 1gb dedicated graphics card as well as the onboard intel which it uses in ordinary applications to conserve energy. Other things to note: It is completely silent! Only noise I’ve heard from this latpop is audio that I’m playing and a few clicks when it’s turned off/on. No fan noise at all and after hours of use it doesn’t even feel very hot, awesome. Very fast start-up from sleep, literally just takes about 2 seconds. Fast start on boot too. It has bluetooth, which is apparently high speed although I never use it so can’t comment. Webcam + mic: 1.3mp HD, decent quality for video and photo. Comes with a cool program that’s fun to play around with. You can get a350 cashback from Samsung (until 1st Nov 2011) when buying this model of latpop. My only complaint about the RC520 is the keyboard. While having raised keys and space between them to avoid crumbs/dust/etc, I find they are spaced a little too far. Compared to using the keyboard on my desktop, it feels slightly uncomfortable to type on the latpop. This may just be a matter of getting used to it, but I find I make far more mistakes when typing on the RC520 keyboard and prefer my desktop keyboard. But overall, this is a wonderful latpop and I highly recommend it.

Carlos  | 07/06  |  10:20 AM

? I want to conntradict you my fiernd. Even now typing this comment from an HP Pavilion DM4 I had to correct it twice for skipped letters. Just paste this url in the browser if you don’t believe me :

Nova  | 09/06  |  06:01 AM

Would you hit it? Let us Know!

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